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The Four Coolest College Commercials of All Time

Mar 21 2012 at 12:14 pm by

Not to sound patriotic, but nothing says some good ol’ fashioned American lovin’ like a college commercial that doesn’t scream the cheesy and rehearsed voice-over and the trite message about how the college is “for you.”

Seriously! All we want is a college where we can have fun! (And learn, yes, learning is important) Who cares how good the academics are. Who cares what scholarships we can get?!

What We Want Is a School That Screams America!


Sorry. Couldn’t help it. I had to get patriotic.

But enough of the hand over the heart thing and the whole “God Bless America” speech. No, I’m not the President.

I will, however, tell you that I am going to reveal four college commercials that utterly speak America to us – either deep within our groins with a very slight bit of sex appeal, or in our laughing hearts as we smile at how goofy us Americans can be.

You might find one that’s a quick burst of psychotic energy, lasting only 30 seconds. And another will drag for about 17 minutes but will make you burst out laughing so hard that your organs will implode.

Isn’t that what America is about? So let’s begin. Your future awaits!

Number 4 on the List: “Full Sail University: Rooms”

The big thing about commercials for colleges these days is the technology. In fact, that screams our demographic! Everyone’s got their iPods, smartphones, tablets, and microchips implanted in their brains allowing them to chat with aliens in outer space.

This particular commercial is no different. Talk about “The Matrix”! Seeing the rooms morph in and out like that is like science fiction. Only the entire point is to stress the important message: you can learn anywhere with Full Sail!

Pretty nifty.

Number 3 on the List: “Bond University: Chase Your Ambition”

Is it any wonder that it’s called “Bond” University? Makes you think of 007, doesn’t it? Pull out your spy gun and let’s get ready for some action, because it seems like this commercial’s all about action! Sean Connery, watch out. Roger Moore, step aside. Pierce Brosnan, eat your heart out. And Daniel Craig, eat my dust!

There’s an obvious point to the creative message of the action-packed chase, though. And you’ll get it. I would just hope that it doesn’t take so much damn effort in real life!

Or there might be accident insurance claims in the future.

Number 2 on the List: “University of Lincoln: Boring Lecture!”

This commercial, by far, taps into our need for something ridiculously bizarre. Why? Let’s put it this way: it’s about a lecture hall that’s on fire. No, I mean literally bursting into flames.

But why? Why would anyone want to set a lecture hall on fire? Is it that boring? On the contrary…. This is a play on a figure of speech, people! By ‘on fire,’ it obviously means ‘exciting,’ ‘thrilling,’ ‘3-pointer at the buzzer’ sort of on fire!

Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids. (Just don’t set the Trix on fire)

Number 1 on the List: “That’s Why I Chose Yale”

Okay, so look – musicals can be fun. No, I’m not gay – how dare you make an assumption. It’s just a fact that musical-type art forms for productions and film can actually be quite entertaining! Think of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Scrubs” or “Grey’s Anatomy” or “How I Met Your Mother,” those TV shows that each did an episode in musical format. It’s kinda cool.

The bottom line, though, about this prestigious university’s format for a commercial is it totally revamps the whole boring “university information session” with the presenter guy wearing a cheesy, geeky sort of old-school fraternity (without the booze) outfit and a pair of glasses, telling a crowd of people about Yale. Oh, fun.

Yes, it was a lot of fun watching them all sing and dance! Be prepared for Broadway, Yale.

See What I Mean? Creativity. Originality. Coolness.


No college commercial should be boring. And these four are everything but. As it should be. Because the truth is experiencing college is not boring.

When you can strip your clothes off in the middle of an open courthouse at 12 AM and run around skipping while singing some Justin Bieber for the sake of pledging a frat house, you’d know right away that college is anything but boring!

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