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The 50 Most Memorable Childhood TV Shows: Part 5

Jul 10 2012 at 4:41 am by

Somehow, the best shows from our childhood were a perfect mix of cartoons and, well, real life. Admit it: back then, it seemed like everything on TV was untouchable:

1. Pokémon (1999)


2. Recess (1999)


3. As Told By Ginger (2000)


4. The Brothers Garcia (2000)


5. Malcolm in the Middle (2000)


6. Even Stevens (2000)


7. Invader Zim (2001)


8. Lizzie McGuire (2001)


9. The Proud Family (2001)


10. That’s So Raven (2003)

Well, we hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane! Did we miss any of your favorite memories? Let us know!

If you missed the earlier lists you can see them at Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – Dynamic Duos, and Part 4 – Crazy and Quirky.


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