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Ten Embarrassing College Pics

Aug 27 2012 at 4:14 pm by

From shirtless wonders to duct-taped spider men – and with a lot of fail on the side – we’d like to share with you some of the most embarrassing college photos ever taken. Ever.

We’re going to start off strong with an oldie but goodie. You know, school photo day. The noble art of portraiture.










What a magnificent Adonis! There’s certainly nothing strange going on here! I bet grandma loves that smiling face on the mantle.












Not to be outdone, Chad reminds our readers that Burt Reynolds and the advent of chest hair are still pretty darn manly. Love the red sash. Bonus points for the perfect mullet and pencil-stashe combo. Killin’ it.












Three’s company – but ever the odd man out, this feline-loving Lothario really impressed us with his ability to take a picture from within The Matrix. The cat looks crazed and desperate to escape his cruel captor. I’d give this subject a “C” for his false commitment to cat independence. Is that a rat tail creeping down his back?












I think we can all relate to loving our iPad and Android tablets THIS much. Right?

Alright, alright. Enough with the weird portraits. Time for some good, old fashioned cliché party pics.









Annnnnnnd she’s single ladies and gentlemen! Well, if you ask any of them that’s likely the answer you’ll get by the time that beer bong has been passed around.









Yea, this is just not cool at all, in any way. Not a single aspect. This fella could get seriously injured, just look at that shoddy construction? Who built that web, an alternate universe “drunken hillbilly Doc Oc”?









Okay. The next two on the list are sort of in the middle because we can’t quite decide if they are embarrassing or epic or epicly embarrassing or embarrassingly epic. We’ll let you decide.









Now that’s what you call a sausage party.

Yea, we know it’s not really sausage. It looks like chicken waaaaangs. With SAWSE. Is that dude in the background throwin’ back a Minute Maid like a playa?









Okay, at first glance this might look a little sad. But let’s recap. Slightly dirty siding for a background vista? Check. Exposed, pale, slightly soft midriffs? Check. Drunkenness and booze references? Check. FLAME?! CHECK. A chair to sit down in after being overwhelmed by all of the machismo? Double check, baby.

Well, that’s it.

Wait, did we get something wrong?

Just 9 pictures you say?

We’re still waiting for yours. Show us what you got! Just don’t make it too inappropriate. Okay, okay, here’s one more for kicks and giggles.

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