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Spring Break 2009 is Here!

Mar 11 2009 at 7:03 pm by

Oh, Spring Break. The coveted escape from the classroom every college student begins to pine for upon the return from Winter Break. Lucky for you is here to make planning your week of freedom a breeze!

First Thing’s First

Trying to decide where to spend your Spring Break in 2009 can be half the battle. Many Spring Break websites and college students have deemed these locations the most popular destinations this year:

United States – Panama City Beach, FL; South Padre Island, TX; South Beach Miami, FL; Daytona Beach, FL; Key West, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Lake Havasu, AZ; San Diego, CA

Mexico – Cancun, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Rocky Point, Rosarito Beach

Jamaica – Negril, Montego Bay

Nassau, Bahamas and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic are also hot spots for a great Spring Break Celebration!

Party Cruises are another awesome option for Spring Break vacations! A party over the ocean? Why not! And you and your friends can spend your time on the open water saying “I’m on a boat.”

Bundle Deals Can Save You Money

Many websites are offering package deals that include airfare, hotel stay and even some all-inclusive deals! Also, if you know a large group of your friends that are all heading to the same destination, you can organize group dealsthat can save you a large chunk of change. If you can get enough people to make it a group event, you may eligible for a free trip!Even if you’ve already booked your travel arrangements, you can snag great Party Packages that will still give you access to the best events, clubs and shows.

Where’s the Party At?

Well, it’s Spring Break so the party is everywhere. But where are the BEST parties going to be? Well MTV and mtvU have teamed up with again this year to provide the best entertainment under the sun. Panama City’s Boardwalk Beach Resortwill be the official headquarters for MTV and the mtvU Village in 2009. Specialty packages have even been put together to ensure the craziest parties for Spring Break 2009.

Celebrities at Spring Break

Spring Break is never complete without some celebrity performances and appearances. In past years Fall Out Boy, Fergie, Akon, Gym Class Heroes, Paris Hilton and many others have all stopped by the spring break locations. View the full list of past celebrity appearances here.This years confirmed celebrities to show up at Student City locations, include 3OH!3, Akon, Asher Roth, Lil Wayne, The All American Rejects, LMFAO, Jim Jones along with tons of MTV Real World personalities. View the full list of confirmed celebrities here.Go to Spring Break 2009 for Free
Surprisingly enough, may companies are willing to send you to the most popular Spring Break locations for free! All you have to do is put a little time and effort into the whole deal. has a few ways to travel on their bill simply by organizing group trips. If you’re great at organizing events, love getting paid to have fun and want to make sure everyone is having the best time possible on their Spring Break, you can also travel as an Onsite Staff Member! also offers major earning potential for group trip promotion, organization and sales. Learn more here.

Alternative Spring Breaks

Sun, sand and bronzed bodies just aren’t your deal for Spring Break? No problem! United Wayoffers Spring Break retreats where students can attend and make a difference in a variety of communities around the United States. Learn more information about the United Way Alternative Spring Break programs

This year, United Way will have hosted events in these areas:Detroit, Michigan: Volunteers will work to help sustain and support the infrastructure of the nonprofit sector by working to help families meet their basic needs, children be ready for school, and families to be financially stable.Indiana: Hundreds of homes destroyed by severe flooding still need to be repaired and rehabilitated. Volunteers will work to ensure that families in the Wabash Valley can return to their homes safely.Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coasts: Volunteers will assist with reconstruction efforts after the severe hurricanes of the last three years. From Katrina to Ike, families, businesses and communities have been decimated. Volunteers will play pivotal roles in helping communities to rebuild.Cross-Cultural Solutions also offers alternative spring breaks. Through their Insight Abroad program, you can spend a week volunteering in one of the twelve countries Cross-Cultural solutions offers their services.

Wherever your 2009 Spring Break takes you, just be sure to relax and enjoy the time off from school! :D

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