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Sell Textbooks University Released!

Feb 4 2008 at 12:39 pm by


Ever thought about selling a textbook online, but was unsure how to do it and what the benefits were? has created Sell Textbooks University to give textbook sellers the background information they need to make the right decision about how to sell back their textbooks. Sell Textbooks University explains the pros and cons of the four most common methods used for selling books.

The four most common textbook selling methods are:

  1. Visit your campus bookstore during their designated buyback dates.
  2. Visit an off-campus bookstore near your school or hometown.
  3. List your textbooks on an online marketplace.
  4. Sell your textbooks with an online textbook sell back service.

There are many pros and cons to each of these methods, so please read on to educate yourself on the method(s) that will best suit your needs. (Read More)

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