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Girls eating pizza

How to get free food in college

In college, you never say no to free stuff—especially to food. There’s nothing better than free food! Here’s how to find it in college:   1. Attend campus sponsored events Gif source: Colleges are constantly hosting events where you can learn new …… Read More

Watching movie

7 book-to-film adaptations you shouldn’t miss

Who doesn’t love seeing their favorite characters come to life? Whether you like to read the book before watching the movie or vice versa, here’s a list of 7 book-to-film adaptations you shouldn’t miss. Remember, you can purchase all of these books for cheap through …… Read More

Boy on phone

13 apps to survive college

Thanks to today’s technology, there are numerous apps that help college students with everything from citing sources, to managing finances, to dating. We compiled a list of the best and most necessary apps that you need to survive college.   1. EasyBib …… Read More

Student on computer

7 easy ways to make money online

College is expensive. That’s why we’ve compiled some awesome ways for you to earn a little extra cash (and you don’t even have to leave your dorm room!). Check them out: 1. Online surveys. Got a few minutes? Many brands are looking for feedback …… Read More

Busy student

The truth about working while in college

“For those who choose to work while in school, like me, life can get a little hectic.” My name is Megan. You could technically call me a “senior”, but I’ve still got another 2 years left at the University of Michigan (Go …… Read More

savvy student word cloud

We asked you to define a Savvy Student

In a recent ValoreBooks Facebook contest, we asked our audience what it means to be a Savvy Student. We got some great responses. Here are our favorites: “A savvy student blurs the lines between the classroom and the “real world”.  They never …… Read More

Girl doing homework

Homework: college vs. high school

How is homework in college different than in high school? Managing homework in college can be hard and it’s definitely different than in high school. In high school I always had time to scribble down some answers in homeroom or lunch, and …… Read More

Girl with textbooks

Textbook buying and selling habits of college students by major, income, and scholarship

Textbooks have long been a surprisingly large expense for college students, and the cost has only grown year after year. The Government Accountability Office found that college textbook prices have grown by 82% from 2002 to 2013, outpacing inflation by a …… Read More