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Work-study girl in library

How to make work-study worth your time

If you were offered financial aid from your college, you might be eligible for work-study. Work-study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing you to earn money to help pay education expenses. Although this is financially advantageous, the …… Read More

How to survive art school - paint

How to survive art school

All stereotypes of pretentious, misunderstood artsy-types aside, art students have a considerably different college experience than the average student.  Instead of textbooks, you spend all of your money on shiny new art supplies that you might never even use. Instead of …… Read More

12 pinterest boards every college student should follow

12 Pinterest boards every college student should follow

Pinterest is full of great content that’s useful and entertaining to college students.  To help you navigate the world of Pinterest, we’ve listed some of the best boards for college students to follow. Check them out: 1. “Easy College Food” Cheap …… Read More

Hack your cash: 7 money-saving tips for undergrads

Hack your cash: 7 money-saving tips for undergrads

You likely grew up with your parents telling you to put away 10% of each paycheck into savings. That’s easy for some people, but when you’re living paycheck to paycheck or drowning in debt, you might consider adopting these other money-saving …… Read More

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7 books that will change your life this summer

Now that summer break is here, it’s finally time to start reading for pleasure. But with so many books out there, how do you pick what to read? Maybe you want to be entertained. Or maybe you want to be entertained, …… Read More

The summer is the perfect time to jump in and go for an adventure. Try these five road trip destination ideas:

The 5 best road trip destinations of all time

College isn’t just about getting a classroom education. It’s also about expanding your horizons in other ways. Eat new food! Meet new people! Go new places! Do all three at the same time by grabbing a car, some friends, and hitting …… Read More

Higher-Ed Hotspots: A unique look at internet speeds on college campuses across America

Higher-Ed Hotspots: A unique look at internet speeds on college campuses across America

Universities today generate and download incredible amounts of information. Researchers depend on the capability to transmit that information for their livelihoods. Professors depend upon that capability to instruct their students. Students, who are in their dorm rooms studying (and totally not …… Read More

How to affordably say thanks to your dad

5 awesome (and cheap!) Father’s Day gifts

Fathers have taught you invaluable life lessons like how to grill the perfect burger or how to change a tire. Show your appreciation this Father’s Day by giving Dad a creative, affordable, inspired gift. Here are a few ideas: 1. Some …… Read More