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The 50 Most Memorable Childhood TV Shows: Part 1

Face it: growing up is a long, rocky road. Thankfully, we have memory lane to help us out when it hurts. Take a stroll through the best TV shows of our generation and you’ll feel better in no time: 1. Full …… Read More

Roommate Compatibility Quiz

Wondering if your roommate is right for you? Take this 10 question quiz.  For best results, choose the answers that best reflect your current situation.  1. Does your roommate smoke? A) Never. B) Yes, but only when stressed. C) Like a …… Read More

The Top Ten Greatest Misquotes in Literature

To be fair, it’s a lot easier misquoting someone speaking than it is someone writing. Because when someone writes something down, it’s not like anyone can change it! ….Or can they? Oh, yes, they can. That’s the beauty of humanity, language, …… Read More

It’s Okay to be (George) Takei: Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu and his Funny Facebook Pictures, Politics, and Internet Fame

Oh My! The Humour, Activism, and Internet Fame of George Takei aka Mr. Sulu Top 5 Posts by George Takei and Why They’re Important Perhaps one of the most authentic and yet controversial (at least to some) public figures to run …… Read More

The REAL Real-World (And it sucks!): A North American Horror Story

One of our ever-increasing number of College Reality TV Spoofs… The Premise: ominous music, sorta like Darth Vader grumbling in his sleep and rolling over an 80′s synth keytar on the low end at odd intervals Since 9 / 11 there’s …… Read More

Getting In Deep with Student Loans: The Current State of Student Debt

Student debt is at an all time high. How high? Check out the data below. Despite the current state of student loans and the economy at large there are still some good investments in taking out loans to get your degree, …… Read More

The Top 11 Historical Misquotes of All Time

  History’s a funny thing, really. It’s never accurate. Why? Because caveman times never had the wonderful invention of the audio recorder! Or camcorder, for that matter. That’s okay, though, because in all honesty science has gotten us somewhat close to …… Read More

What If…. You Partied with these Five Famous Philosophers?

Getting a drink on with Nietzsche never sounded like so much fun. And maybe it isn’t.. One of the coolest things ever to come out of Stan Lee’s imagination (or those of his Marvel minions on payroll) was the idea of …… Read More