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5 Best College Themed Movies

College takes up 4 years of our lives (or for some of us, much longer) it’s only natural that movies would be made about this seminal time in our lives and we’ve put together what we think are the best five …… Read More

How an Arts Degree Can Help You in the Real World

“So… what are you going to do with it?” Pretty common question, right? You probably get this question all the time if you’re one of those poor, misguided young men and women going into the arts. When people ask this question, …… Read More

The best games of the 1990s: Genesis greats and Super Nintendo smash hits (Playstation, too!)

Everyone knows that video gaming reached its formal and technical peak during the 1990s. While this may enrage some aging arcade-loving nihilists, it’s hard to look the truth right in the face and own it. After all, truth is to video …… Read More

The Top Ten Most Bizarre College Sports Mascots of All Time

College is about creativity – and nothing’s more creative than having to reinvent the idea of competition. By competition, I of course mean trying to develop a sense of horns against horns, a sort of bestial mentality of winner takes territory …… Read More

The 50 Most Memorable Childhood TV Shows: Part 5

Somehow, the best shows from our childhood were a perfect mix of cartoons and, well, real life. Admit it: back then, it seemed like everything on TV was untouchable: 1. Pokémon (1999)   2. Recess (1999)   3. As Told By …… Read More

The 50 Most Memorable Childhood TV Shows: Part 4 – Crazy and Quirky

If there’s one difference between today’s TV and yesterday’s, it’s that the TV of our childhood wasn’t afraid to get a little crazy, or even quirky. For proof, look no further: 1. The Angry Beavers (1997)   2. Smart Guy (1997) …… Read More

The 50 Most Memorable Childhood TV Shows: Part 3 – Dynamic Duos

Back in the day, dynamic duos were all the rage: Tia and Tamera, Kenan and Kel, Pinky and the Brain, Arnold and Gerald, even Steve and Blue. Finally, here’s an opportunity to revisit those who you once considered close friends: 1. …… Read More

The 50 Most Memorable Childhood TV Shows: Part 2

Without a doubt, the 90’s hold a special place in our hearts. After all, who isn’t still a little in with love characters like Corey and Topanga, or the sidesplitting cast of All That? To relive the glory days, spend some …… Read More