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Phantoms of the Dining Hall: The Unsung Heroes of the Modern College Campus

Often overlooked and perennially unappreciated, the unsung heroes of any college of university campus are absent figures. They are absent from discussions of what the best school is, from discussions surrounding the beauty and the atmosphere of a campus environment, and …… Read More


Four Worst Places to Take Your College Sweetheart on a “Romantic” Date

Kids. Anywhere at all that has them. You know what really spoils the sizzlin’ mood? Kids. Never, ever, ever take your sweetheart to a place frequented by shrieking hell spawn aka children. G-rated movies are out. Especially if you’d like to …… Read More


Three of the Most Original College Pranks Ever Created

So I bet you’re sick of all that link-bait crap about the “ten best X,” and then it gets rehashed a million times over on the internet, just in a different way. No worries, because I am, too. Because, like college, …… Read More

10 Best Catchphrases of All Time

What’s more entertaining than a good catchphrase? Nothing. Which is why we’re counting down the ten best of all time: 10. Dave Hester, Storage Wars: “Yep!”   9. “Homer Simpson, The Simpsons: “D’oh!”   8. Helga, Hey Arnold: “Football head!”   …… Read More

The Top Most Awesome (and Sometimes Bizarre) College Sports Traditions in All of History

The bizarre and extreme always lead to miracles, don’t they? Awesomely enough, some of the greatest miracles have come from sports –   The USA Olympic Hockey Team Daniel E. “Rudy” Ruettiger The Marshall University Football Team   And with every …… Read More

5 Careers That Don’t Exist Yet… But Will Soon

Financial Executioner If things keep going the way they currently are you can be sure that gallows will be erected in cities across the world with a long line of banksters and various other white collar criminals waiting their turn to …… Read More

Types of “Bros”

Bros have become somewhat of a phenomenon. It started off with one, general type of bro, but the species has morphed into a number of subsets. To help you navigate the complicated world of bros, here are the different types: 1. …… Read More

10 Best Songs to Listen to Before Class

10. “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. You’ll be humming the beat all day long.   9. “Take a Back Road” by Rodney Atkins. A laid-back country tune that’ll have you singing along.   8. “Lights” by Ellie Goulding. A …… Read More