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What If…. You Partied with these Five Famous Philosophers?

Getting a drink on with Nietzsche never sounded like so much fun. And maybe it isn’t.. One of the coolest things ever to come out of Stan Lee’s imagination (or those of his Marvel minions on payroll) was the idea of …… Read More

Bad Romance (or Love Hurts): Five Tragic Fictional Romances

From Steinbeck and Orwell to Margareis Weis and Orson Scott Card, literary greats and genre fictionistas have long been crafting tragic romances. Whether they ultimately succeed or fail is of little importance, the meaning lies in the journey that these characters …… Read More

Stud to Dud: Companies that Went from Superpowers to Obsolete

Ok kids, it’s lesson time. The lesson today? How to survive in today’s fast-paced world. It’s not just college you have to get through J After all, what are you in college for if not to get a decent job once …… Read More

Survive ‘er: The New College Experience

Part 2 of our series on the best college reality shows that have never happened. With the show that started “it” all – the explosion of the reality TV genre into mainstream popularity and pop cultural dominance – airing its twenty-fourth …… Read More

Hot for Teacher – How to Seduce Your Professor

Let’s face it, Hot for Teacher wasn’t just a great Van Halen song, it has become commonplace to the point where we see a controversial news story on the issue about once every week or better. Whether this is because teachers …… Read More

The Greatest College Reality Show Spoofs – Sex and Satire

It’s no secret to anybody that reality television now dominates all programming, spawning a field of channels devoted almost exclusively to the format (Slice, A&E, W, Food Network, History, etc.) and becoming a cultural touchstone for the college student as well …… Read More

The 5 Sexting Personalities – Are You One of Them?

Sexting! C’mon, you know you’ve done it. Someone you met online? That cute guy or girl you know (and usually after you’ve had a few drinks)? That long distance relationship? If you’ve done it you may find the 5 personality types …… Read More

The Four Coolest College Commercials of All Time

Not to sound patriotic, but nothing says some good ol’ fashioned American lovin’ like a college commercial that doesn’t scream the cheesy and rehearsed voice-over and the trite message about how the college is “for you.” Seriously! All we want is …… Read More