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Jersey Shore webisodes are a hit at Penn State!

Penn State’s Snap, Crackle, Pop-The Daily Collegian’s Arts Blog, today featured an interview with our CEO, Bobby Brannigan as he discusses our recent Jersey Shore Parodies and Beaver Fever Strikes Manhattan video. You can read the full article, here. What do …… Read More

ValoreBooks Featured on edReformer!

Check us out on edReformer, where reporter Douglas Crets uses “The Case of The Giant Beaver and a Textbook” to talk about the shift in the textbook industry. Watch as our mascot, Victor the Beaver makes his comeback debut as he …… Read More

New Video: Beaver Fever Hits Manhattan!

Beaver Fever hits Manhattan? In this funny video, Victor the Beaver runs through Manhattan and Times Square to deliver a textbook to a hot college debutante. The video is also featured on sites such as Funny Or Die and College Humor. Victor …… Read More

Just In! Back to School at the Jersey Shore: A Parody (Episode 3- Land Mines and Textbooks)

Pauly Dee, Mike “Duh” Situation and Snooky struggle in class. Pauly tries to connect with a “Land Mine” to avoid buying his textbooks. Let us know what you think! Subscribe to our YouTube channel [youtube][/youtube… Read More

Check it out! Back to School at the Jersey Shore: A Parody (Episode 2 – A Roommate Situation)

This week on Back To School At The Jersey Shore-A Parody:  Pauly Dee and Snooky find out who their new roommates are. Will the new roomies be down with GTL? Watch and see! [youtube][/youtube… Read More

ValoreBooks featured on The Make It Work Blog!

The Make It Work Blog recognizes that college textbooks can be ridiculously expensive. As you go on your search this semester for the cheapest possible college textbooks, remember to check out the options available to you besides the college bookstore. You …… Read More

ValoreBooks featured on CBS Money Watch, The College Solution Blog

A recent article featuring 7 ways to save money on your college textbooks was put out by the CBS Money Watch College Solution Blog. was featured for our free shipping offer on rentals over $20! Check out the full article, …… Read More textbook rental service featured on San Diego CW 6!

We have recently launched our new textbook rental service just in time for the Fall 2010 back to school season ! We guarantee the best prices on textbook rentals, free shipping on rental orders over $20 and fast, same day customer …… Read More