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Tips for smart budgeting

5 ways to budget better for the upcoming holiday season

Benjamin Franklin once said nothing is certain but death and taxes. We’d like to amend that list by adding a modern certainty: college costs a ton of money. Tuition, rent, parties, meals, and a myriad of other adventures probably drain your …… Read More

iPhone Sellback Price Comparison

We can beat Amazon and Apple’s iPhone sellback prices

If you’ve got more student loans than you can handle and a used iPhone that you don’t want anymore, you’re in luck! Sell it using ValoreBooks to convert your old phone into an extra student loan payment — then get out …… Read More

The new iPhone will be announced soon!

Your iPhone’s value is about to plummet—sell it before it’s too late!

  If you currently have an iPhone, know this: the value of used iPhones (current generation and older) is expected to drop on September 10, 2014, when Apple is rumored to be announcing the latest iPhone model. If you’ve been thinking …… Read More


7 Ways to Kick a Caffeine Habit

There’s no shame in saying it: you’re at least a little addicted to coffee, or at least caffeine. It’s no surprise either, considering you’re a typical college student with an overflowing pile of exams to study for, papers to write, books …… Read More


The Worst Kinds of Parents to Have as a College Student

Calling parents of college kids everywhere: I’m talking to you. Disclaimer: I’m sorry, but listen up and take heed. Here’s a comprehensive list of the kind of parents you just don’t want to be if you’ve got a kid in college. …… Read More


Best Schools for Business Students

Let’s get down to brass tacks, or at least to business. We still live in a time where the economy is a little in flux. So if business is your thing, and if you sincerely enjoy it, then why not go …… Read More


Make Money Selling Your Notes

You’ve always been able to sell your textbooks back at the end of the semester to make some extra money. But don’t think the earning opportunities end there. With our friends over at, you can sell the notes you took …… Read More

best ipad

Best iPad Apps for Students

If you’re tired of hearing your parents talk about what it was like to walk to class in the old days—uphill both ways and in the rain (yeah, yeah, you get it)—then leave the past for the more palatable present. The …… Read More