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America’s Most Haunted Campuses

While the day of trick-or-treating and teeth-numbing sugar highs has passed, the Halloween spirit is still alive (or should be), which is why we’re counting down the most haunted college campuses in the country: 5. University of Notre Dame. Known for …… Read More


5 Hangover Cures for the Perpetually Hungover

If there’s one cornerstone of the college experience, it’s the hangover. We all know how to get one. But do you know how to cure it? Or is that even possible? Give these methods a shot and find out for yourself. …… Read More


The Ultimate Celebrity Success College Dropout Hall of Fame

I’m going to be brutally honest here…. There are a lot of college dropouts who have made it big. I don’t simply mean comfortably big. I mean disgustingly big. Filthy rich. So filthy rich that not even their money can buy enough towels to wipe all their crevices of the filthy dirt they derive from their richness… Read More


Five of the Coolest Fake Degrees That Should (or Could) Be Real

One of the coolest things about college these days is the fact that you can basically manufacture your very own major – hence, your very own degree! I think the terminology in the educational field would be something along the lines …… Read More


Six Creative Ways to “Pay It Forward”

I think it goes without saying that college is about learning. Correct? Good. Now that we got that out of the way…. Of course, learning should encompass not only your basic calculus equation, but also a bit of moral learning. Let …… Read More


ValoreBooks acquired by SimpleTuition, helping you save even more

At ValoreBooks, we already help you save up to 90% on over 18 million textbook titles. Ten years ago, we realized that students deserve a place where they can fairly buy and sell textbooks. After starting this business in a college …… Read More


Ten Embarrassing College Pics

From shirtless wonders to duct-taped spider men – and with a lot of fail on the side – we’d like to share with you some of the most embarrassing college photos ever taken. Ever. We’re going to start off strong with an …… Read More


I’ve Never Laughed Harder: A Man Reads Fifty Shades

Fellas, I have to tell you. Once in a while you have to take one for the team. Whether that means playing wingman and engaging the two nines while he chats up the perfect ten or whether it means reading a …… Read More