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5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick on Campus

Flu season has hit in full force–and on a college campus, that’s bad news. With loads of students, faculty members, staff, and visitors, and with communal spaces and close-quartered dorms, college campuses are basically incubators, making it pretty easy to get …… Read More


5 strangest winter sports

With Christmas and New Year’s in the rearview mirror, tis still the season for some cold hard winter fun. With frost in the air and snow falling from the sky, there are plenty of ways to show off your athletic prowess. …… Read More


Top Errors You May Still Find in Today’s Textbooks

Textbooks have been the centerpiece of education for centuries now, and it is not all that uncommon for information to be updated and redacted throughout a textbook’s lifespan, through various new editions. Some of these textbooks have such a long lifespan, …… Read More


8 Best College Theme Parties

  Now that this academic year’s first semester has come and gone, it’s time to buckle down, get some sleep, and get ready for the second half. Hopefully, you’ve already adjusted to your academics, your study schedule, and you know what …… Read More


5 Best College Road Trip Destinations

Face it: college isn’t only about education. It’s also about a freer lifestyle. That’s why you should make use of winter and summer break by hitting the road with a group of solid friends (and a good mix tape). Looking for …… Read More


How to ace your final exams

The end of the semester is quickly coming to an end, but there are still those big roadblocks standing in the way of your impending winter vacation: final exams. No matter which subject you have exams in, they’re daunting, disheartening, and …… Read More


How to stay healthy in school

With the holidays, finals, and flu season fast approaching, we’re eating more, sleeping less, and getting sick. But you can take steps to keep you healthy: Exercise. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to work out, especially when you have to …… Read More


7 Skills You Need in College

 Ironing. One of the most notorious aspects of college life are the small dorm rooms and the even smaller closets. Since you’ll likely have to get creative when you’re trying to store your wardrobe, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to iron …… Read More