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Best Schools for Business Students

Let’s get down to brass tacks, or at least to business. We still live in a time where the economy is a little in flux. So if business is your thing, and if you sincerely enjoy it, then why not go …… Read More


Make Money Selling Your Notes

You’ve always been able to sell your textbooks back at the end of the semester to make some extra money. But don’t think the earning opportunities end there. With our friends over at, you can sell the notes you took …… Read More

best ipad

Best iPad Apps for Students

If you’re tired of hearing your parents talk about what it was like to walk to class in the old days—uphill both ways and in the rain (yeah, yeah, you get it)—then leave the past for the more palatable present. The …… Read More


5 Life Lessons You Should Learn Before Graduating

  If you’re graduating college (or will be soon), then consider this: at the very least you’re in your early twenties. You aren’t getting any younger and life is about to get far more real. In light of that, here are …… Read More


The Dollars and Sense of Textbook Buyback

Want to learn what textbooks are worth the most, how to make sure you get more money when you sell yours back, and what you can buy with the money? Check out this infographic to get all the numbers you need …… Read More


How to Create Your Own Major

College is a huge place with so many academic options that you might get a little dizzy just looking at the course catalog. While you often have at least a year to decide what your major will be, some students never …… Read More


5 Ways to Readjust to Campus After Studying Abroad

After returning from your semester or even your year abroad, admit it: you miss the lifestyle of living overseas. Your home campus might seem a little smaller than it did back before you left, more claustrophobic, less exciting. But to avoid …… Read More


The College Bucket List

Admit it: you already have a bucket list, that long catalog of stuff you’ve got to do before you kick the bucket. But if you don’t have a college edition of that same list, make one now and start working your …… Read More