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Stud to Dud: Companies that Went from Superpowers to Obsolete

Ok kids, it’s lesson time. The lesson today? How to survive in today’s fast-paced world. It’s not just college you have to get through J After all, what are you in college for if not to get a decent job once …… Read More

Survive ‘er: The New College Experience

Part 2 of our series on the best college reality shows that have never happened. With the show that started “it” all – the explosion of the reality TV genre into mainstream popularity and pop cultural dominance – airing its twenty-fourth …… Read More

Hot for Teacher – How to Seduce Your Professor

Let’s face it, Hot for Teacher wasn’t just a great Van Halen song, it has become commonplace to the point where we see a controversial news story on the issue about once every week or better. Whether this is because teachers …… Read More

The Greatest College Reality Show Spoofs – Sex and Satire

It’s no secret to anybody that reality television now dominates all programming, spawning a field of channels devoted almost exclusively to the format (Slice, A&E, W, Food Network, History, etc.) and becoming a cultural touchstone for the college student as well …… Read More

The 5 Sexting Personalities – Are You One of Them?

Sexting! C’mon, you know you’ve done it. Someone you met online? That cute guy or girl you know (and usually after you’ve had a few drinks)? That long distance relationship? If you’ve done it you may find the 5 personality types …… Read More

The Four Coolest College Commercials of All Time

Not to sound patriotic, but nothing says some good ol’ fashioned American lovin’ like a college commercial that doesn’t scream the cheesy and rehearsed voice-over and the trite message about how the college is “for you.” Seriously! All we want is …… Read More

5 of the Most Outrageous College Internships No One Should Ever Pass Up

Still passed out from that hangover? Such is the college life, dear. Now bend over and take it like a man (or woman). Because the bottom line is college is work! Work, work, work, work, work. And there’s no reason it …… Read More

Getting Freaky by Text Message: 5 Sexting Personality Types

The narcissist, the man child, the gold digger, the basement dweller, and the freaky creepy stalker – Five Freaky Sexting Personalities! Sexting is perhaps the most talked about byproduct of the digital age, permeated with smartphones, tablet computers, and social networking …… Read More