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The 5 Sexting Personalities – Are You One of Them?

Sexting! C’mon, you know you’ve done it. Someone you met online? That cute guy or girl you know (and usually after you’ve had a few drinks)? That long distance relationship? If you’ve done it you may find the 5 personality types …… Read More

The Four Coolest College Commercials of All Time

Not to sound patriotic, but nothing says some good ol’ fashioned American lovin’ like a college commercial that doesn’t scream the cheesy and rehearsed voice-over and the trite message about how the college is “for you.” Seriously! All we want is …… Read More

5 of the Most Outrageous College Internships No One Should Ever Pass Up

Still passed out from that hangover? Such is the college life, dear. Now bend over and take it like a man (or woman). Because the bottom line is college is work! Work, work, work, work, work. And there’s no reason it …… Read More

Getting Freaky by Text Message: 5 Sexting Personality Types

The narcissist, the man child, the gold digger, the basement dweller, and the freaky creepy stalker – Five Freaky Sexting Personalities! Sexting is perhaps the most talked about byproduct of the digital age, permeated with smartphones, tablet computers, and social networking …… Read More

5 Great Classic Books for Inspired Roadtrippers

Are you one who likes to hit the road and go on epic road trips with your college pals? Many of the world’s favorite writers have had so much fun on the road that they’ve written unforgettable books for you to …… Read More

Why Renting College Textbooks is a Bold Idea

Are you tight on funds and looking for ways to save on college books? You just may find that renting textbooks is the best decisionthat you can make. All too many college students find themselves spending hundreds of dollars on books …… Read More

5 Natural Ways to Gain Energy & Brain Power for College Life

Now that Labor Day Weekend is over, you may be convinced that it’s time to pull yourself together and prepare yourself for the manygrueling weeks of studying ahead. Your efforts in college have a lot to do with your energy levels. …… Read More

Ideas for Mastering your College Professors

You probably already know by now that each and every professor is a unique creature with a different set of quirks, expectations and requirements. Some are willing to bend over backwards to help you understand difficult concepts while others can be …… Read More