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5 college majors you thought didn't exist

5 bizarre college majors that actually exist

It turns out there are some incredibly unexpected, interesting and downright silly majors out there. Check it out: 1. Poultry science Have you always wanted to learn how to manage the habitats of chickens, ducks and geese? Texas A&M has you …… Read More

Staying on top of the internet

How to stay on top of the internet

The internet is a huge place and can be difficult to navigate. With so much content, it can be hard to weed through the mess and get to the goods. Thankfully, there are some tools that help make this process easier: …… Read More

Drop Class

5 signs you should drop a class

As the semester presses on, many students find themselves considering whether or not to remain in their current classes. If you’re one of those students, and are having trouble deciding if it’s a good idea to drop a class, here are …… Read More

Enjoy Winter

5 ways to enjoy winter

When the cold weather hits, people start talking about how long winter is and how hard they expect it to be to make it through. But we’d like to go so far as to suggest that winter is actually a wonderful …… Read More

Goedeker's Textbook Scholorship

Can’t afford your textbooks? Goedeker’s can help!

It’s time to face the facts. College textbooks are downright expensive. That’s why, at ValoreBooks, we’ve made it our mission to battle back against bookstore prices so you can always find the books you need at prices you can actually afford. …… Read More

ValoreBooks logo with money book

Your battle against high textbook prices starts here

Think textbooks are too expensive? So do we. Thankfully, we at ValoreBooks search and compare millions of books from thousands of sellers. That means you can always find what you need for up to 90% off list price! But did you know there …… Read More

Happy New Year 2014

5 New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep

  A journalist named Eric Zorn once said, “Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle.” But we think 2014 should be the …… Read More

Santa dancing

The Winter Break Survival Guide

  There are loads of great things about the holidays. Good food, good people, gifts, and cold weather mixed with hot chocolate! However, any gathering of related people is sure to bring with it some struggles. Maybe your grandma tells boring …… Read More