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Your battle against high textbook prices starts here

Think textbooks are too expensive? So do we. Thankfully, we at ValoreBooks search and compare millions of books from thousands of sellers. That means you can always find what you need for up to 90% off list price! But did you know there …… Read More

Happy New Year 2014

5 New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep

  A journalist named Eric Zorn once said, “Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle.” But we think 2014 should be the …… Read More

Santa dancing

The Winter Break Survival Guide

  There are loads of great things about the holidays. Good food, good people, gifts, and cold weather mixed with hot chocolate! However, any gathering of related people is sure to bring with it some struggles. Maybe your grandma tells boring …… Read More

5 study tips for finals

5 study tips for rocking your finals

Performing well on exams isn’t just a matter of being smart. It’s a matter of staying prepared and relaxed during finals week. Here are our best tips: 1. Don’t cram the night before your exam. Hopefully you’ve been studying for a …… Read More

We'll pay more than any campus bookstore

4 ways to sell your used college textbooks

  We at ValoreBooks have always saved you money when you buy or rent textbooks. But did you know you can also sell those books back when you’re done with them? Our highest buyback price guarantee means we’ll pay more than …… Read More

Save up to 90% on Holiday Gifts

5 ways to spend less on holiday gifts

The holidays are finally here and winter break is incoming! That means soon you’ll have no school and no homework. Plus you’ll have enough time to hang out with friends, visit family, and sleep in. And you’ll get to stuff your …… Read More

Give thanks

5 things you didn’t know about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays around: you get to eat a lot, be lazy, and hang out with family and friends without feeling obliged to buy them expensive presents. It’s economical and it tastes great. In honor of all …… Read More

Sell your stuff for cash

An easy way to score cash for the holidays

With ValoreBooks you can score up to 90% off more than 18 million titles. Even better: you can also sell your used stuff for cash! Our highest buyback price guarantee means we’ll pay you more than anyone else out there. Shipping …… Read More