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Billboard ad - 9 out-of-the-box ways to secure your dream job/internship

9 out-of-the-box ways to secure your dream job/internship

You know the routine: search endlessly for a job or internship, submit a cover letter and resume, then cross your fingers that you stood out enough to get called in for an offer. In some rare cases, however, an applicant will …… Read More

Stop biting your nails and pick up these habits instead

The word habit is often associated with negative activities like biting your nails or procrastinating. But if habits are chosen intentionally, they can help you develop skills that are useful in college and beyond. The following are examples of good habits …… Read More

5 tax tips that will help you save big

5 tax tips that will help you save big

  Benjamin Franklin once said nothing is certain but death and taxes—and while we can’t do anything about the death part, we can make tax season easier on the wallet with these five tips: 1. Claim any tax credits available for …… Read More

How to increase your productivity

How to increase your productivity

A student is, by their nature, constantly busy. There’s always too little time and too much studying to do! Fortunately there are ways to get more work done in less time. Here’s how: 1. Make task lists—and order them by priority. …… Read More

Get a free puppy!

Sell your books, score a puppy!

When you sell your used textbooks with ValoreBooks you get free shipping and fast money. Also more money, since we’ve got the highest buyback prices in the industry! Better yet, sell today and we’ll sweeten the deal with a free puppy! …… Read More

Morgan Freeman

The 8 celebrities you want to narrate your life

Wouldn’t it be awesome if a celebrity with a striking voice narrated your life? Every step and action you took would be announced, as if you lived inside a documentary about yourself. Think March of the Penguins minus all the penguins. On …… Read More

To Pledge or Not to Pledge

To pledge, or not to pledge

At many universities, the question is unavoidable. If your friends and fellow students are joining fraternities and sororities, you might reach a point where you too have to decide if you want to join in. To that end, here are the …… Read More

Should prisoners get a free college education?

Should prisoners get a free college education?

NPR recently ran a story detailing New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent controversial efforts. The governor proposes that New York prisoners should be offered a college education free of charge—paid for by New York taxpayers. He feels that if college courses …… Read More