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Elementary Education: Why it’s right for me

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher I can’t remember a time in my life that I did not want to be a teacher. One of my favorite childhood games was playing teacher; I would line up all my Cabbage Patch …… Read More

Should you change your major?

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Changing your major is a big decision, affecting what you study, what job you may hold in the future, and even how much money you’ll make. But fear not! We’re here to make the decision a little easier with 7 signs …… Read More

7 ways to stop procrastinating

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

As the end of the semester draws near, so do your finals—whether they come in the form of a test, paper, research project, presentation, pubic performance, or whatever else your professors may have cooked up to test your comprehension of material …… Read More

5 ways to save money in college  

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

At ValoreBooks, our goal is to help you save money on more than just textbooks—which is why we’re here to help you save money on everything else in college, too. Why? Because getting an education shouldn’t cost any more than it …… Read More

The best weird holidays to celebrate on campus

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

College life is dominated by long classes, constant studying, and lots of stress. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. All you need is something to celebrate! To that end, here are our favorite weird holidays you can celebrate solo …… Read More