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Finals week as told by cute puppies

by ValoreBooks

Finally, classes are over and you’re just like…

Excited jumping dog

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Finals are next week, but for now, you can take it easy.

Chill dog gif

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Then your roommate asks if you’ve started studying and you’re like… “Uhh maybe?”

Dog on couch gif

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But before you can start, you have to clean up a bit. You can’t study when your room is a mess!

Dog cleaning gif

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Might as well get some exercise in too… it’s good for your brain!

Dogs dancing macarena

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But then you realize that finals are literally days away.

Dog in shock

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So you start to take things seriously.

Serious dog

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But then you get distracted again.

Distracted dog

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Ok. So now you really start to get work done.

Dog reading

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Caffeine becomes your best friend.

Dog with coffee

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All-nighters are an everyday thing and you don’t even know what day it is.

Bulldog sleeping

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It’s finally time for exams and you are ready to do this. “Let’s do this!”

Running dogs

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You don’t even know if you did well or not.

Confused dog

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But, hey! It’s over! Dance party!

Dancing dog

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No more finals! Well…until next semester. Peace out till then!

Dog in car

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7 post-Thanksgiving study tips

by ValoreBooks

Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to kick back and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. The downside, of course, is that you’ve probably gotten out of the habit of studying for final exams. But now that you’re back on campus, you need to re-enter the Study Zone. Here’s how:


1. Get up earlier.

Get up cat

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That’s right. No more sleeping in until noon! There are only a few weeks left of school, so get up, drink coffee, and make use of your time.


2. Eat a solid breakfast.

Donald Duck breakfast

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Whatever you do, don’t study on an empty stomach. It’s hard to stay focused with no energy. Instead, eat some eggs, oatmeal, or even something small, like a banana, which is one of several foods that can help you stay focused.


3. Budget your time.

I'm late rabbit 

During the final weeks of fall semester, you don’t have free time to waste. So plan your weeks in advance. What days will you study? For how long? At what time? Be sure to schedule in some fun, too—if only to stay sane through the home stretch.


4. Start studying now.


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Even if your exams are a few weeks away. Studies show that cramming for exams right before you take them is one of the worst ways to prepare. Frequent studying over time, however, encourages data retention and understanding.


5. Ease into your study schedule over time.

I'm busy

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Diving in headfirst is a good way to burn out before your studying is done. Instead, study a little more tomorrow than you did today. Then still more the day after that, and so on until you reach max capacity.


6. Reward yourself.

Kuzco for me?

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Re-entering the Study Zone after break is hard work, so reward yourself for your successes. After finishing a study session or completing a paper, take a break, make brownies, or have coffee with a friend.


7. Need more help?

Throws homework

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Check out our list of five tips that make it easier to study for your finals.



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First impressions: Making college class friends

by Ashleigh Morghan

Students in class

Determined to make class friends

My freshman year of college was terrifying. Although a few students who graduated from my high school were also attending the University of Akron, none of them were in my freshman year classes. But, no matter how nervous I was to be in a class where I knew no one, I was determined to meet new people.

After enrolling in all my classes, purchasing/renting some of my textbooks, that first Monday of school finally came. I waited at the door full of anxiety and thinking: if I miss class who’s going to fill me in on what was covered? If I lose an assignment who’s going to have a copy for me to make? And if I have a question about the topic being discussed, who am I going to ask so I don’t look like a fool in front of the entire class? I needed to make some class friends.

Finding the right place to sit

The hardest part of my first day was trying to find a seat in each of my classrooms. All day I tried to decipher who would be friendly enough to sit next to and where exactly in the classroom to sit. This depended on the class. If I was in a class where I felt pretty confident about the material, I tended to sit in the back, leaving room for students who needed to be more attentive in the front rows. If it was a class where I needed to focus and pay more attention, I sat closer to the front of the room. If I wasn’t sure about the class, I just sat in the middle - I could always adjust my seat later on.

Different kinds of students tended to sit in the different seating locations. Students who sat closer to the professor tended to be more involved and cared a lot about the course material. Students who sat in the back of the classroom were often tardy and didn’t seem to care very much about the course material. I also used this information to determine where to sit.

Breaking the ice

I had had planned out exactly what to say to the students sitting next to me: “what’s your major?”, “where are you from?”, etc., but as soon as I sat down and actually got to introduce myself to my surrounding peers, conversation just flowed freely and unstructured. Before the class was even over, I had emails of surrounding students in case of missed classes, confusing homework, and future project buddies.  I’m not saying it’s super easy and everyone is open, you just need to be willing to communicate and reach out to others. Someone in your class will want to exchange emails or even phone numbers to help with contact throughout the class.

The benefits of class friends

Although, it can be awkward talking to strangers at the beginning of a new semester, I think it is necessary. Some of these strangers can morph into both short-term friends and long-term friends. Meeting people in class can come in handy when you need to get caught up on material or you have questions stirring in your head. These students can be potential project partners or part of a study group for exams. I encourage everyone to get to know at least one person in each of their classes. Class friends can make your freshman year a lot more enjoyable and successful!


Ashleigh MorghanAbout the Author: Ashleigh Morghan is a 24 year old recent graduate from University of Akron. She majored in Interpersonal Communications and minored in theater.





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Are you a Pinterest guru?

by ValoreBooks


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Are you obsessed with Pinterest?

Good! So are we, which is why we’re thrilled that Pinterest now allows users (like you!) to send individual pins to other users (like us!). Better still, we’re inviting college students to put this new feature to the test by sending pins for our Savvy Student Pinterest board.


The Savvy Student Pinterest board will be a great resource for college students looking to save money, make money, and get the most value out of their education. Help educate your peers by sending us your best Savvy Student tips, tricks, and advice! Everyone who sends us a pin by December 31st will be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!

Here’s how:

1. Login to Pinterest and follow ValoreBooks

2. Once we get your follow request, we will follow you back (this may take up to 12 hours)

3. When we are both following each other, search for your favorite Savvy Student tips or advice

4. Open up that pin and press “Send” in the upper right corner

5. Search for “ValoreBooks” and select our name:

Pinterest ValoreBooks Savvy Student


6. Enter your email address in the “Add a message?” section (so you can be entered into the $100 Visa gift card giveaway!)

7. Press send and wait for ValoreBooks to review the pin and add it to the Savvy Student board


We can’t wait to see your Savvy Student pins! Now get pinning!


Need some pin-spiration?

Recently we asked our audience what it means to be a Savvy Student. We received some fantastic responses. You can check out some of our favorites here.



ValoreBooks is making it easy for savvy students like you to save money, make money, and get the most value out of your college experience. Save up to 90% on the cost of your textbooks when you buy or rent them here.

6 foods that help you stay focused

by ValoreBooks

As the end of the semester draws near, remember: if you can stay focused and work hard for a few more weeks, you’re home free! Here are five foods that make staying focused a little easier:


1. Avocados

Avocado Toy Story

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Aside from being super yummy—hello guacamole!—avocados are packed with fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, folic acid, and healthy forms of fat, keeping you energized and focused.


2. Fish

Eat all the fish meme

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Omega-3 fatty acids are linked to brain health. Sure, the effects aren’t instantaneous, but a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids could lower your risk of dementia, stroke, and decrease mental decline as you age. As an added benefit, fish is loaded with protein, which keeps you energized!


3. Bananas

Minions banana

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Everyone knows bananas are healthy. But did you know bananas are packed with Vitamin B6, which may help improve memory? Better yet, bananas are full of fructose and fiber, which work together to release energy over time. One banana could fuel an entire study session!


4. Coffee

Coffee meme

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Okay, coffee isn’t exactly a food. But it’s still a vital component of every college student’s diet. Why? Caffeine, of course, which can help you stay focused, energized, and awake. However, it’s also important to remember that the effects of caffeine, ingested in whatever form—coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, etc.—are short-term. Caffeine can also be addictive and can make it difficult to sleep. In other words, don’t overdo it.


5. Water

Spongebob water

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Also not a food, but still essential to your studying success! Dehydration is a common source of poor focus and lethargy. So have a glass of water, get hydrated, and get back to work!


6. Popcorn

Popcorn meme

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Definitely our favorite item on the list! Popcorn is packed with fiber and carbohydrates, both of which boost energy levels. They also keep you satiated over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep getting up for more food.



ValoreBooks is making it easy for savvy students like you to save money, make money, and get the most value out of your college experience. Save up to 90% on the cost of your textbooks when you buy or rent them here.