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America’s Most Haunted Campuses

Nov 13 2012 at 12:05 pm by

While the day of trick-or-treating and teeth-numbing sugar highs has passed, the Halloween spirit is still alive (or should be), which is why we’re counting down the most haunted college campuses in the country:

5. University of Notre Dame.

Known for its football and for its fighting Irish spirit, this legendary university, located in South Bend, Indiana, also has its fair share of hauntings, usually from the an alleged ghost named George Gipp, the school’s first all-American football player. Famous for coining the phrase “Win just one for the gipper,” it’s said that Gipp now roams the Notre Dame campus in order to pat the shoulders of students who look down on their luck. After all, who said ghosts couldn’t be friendly?

4. University of Georgia.

In the heart of Athens, Georgia, UGA is home to a classically gruesome horror story. Supposedly, a girl named Anna Hamilton was murdered and then buried underneath one of the university’s sorority houses. Now, UGA students can sometimes hear Hamilton creepily crying when rooms of the house are empty.

3. St. Joseph’s College.

During the Civil War era, St. Joe’s of Maryland was a field hospital, meaning the property is now rife with paranormal activity. Apparently, all across campus, the odors of the hospital still linger, as well as the tortured sounds of those who have died on the battle-torn grounds.

2. Drew University.

The tale of this university’s haunting is as old as the university itself. Founded in 1867, this liberal arts college of Madison, New Jersey, is said to be haunted by Roxanna Mead Drew, the wife of the school’s founder. Now, her specter has been seen time and time again in one of the campus’ main buildings: Mead Hall. Maintenance workers and students alike have reported hearing footsteps, feeling extreme climate changes, and even seeing Roxanna Mead Drew’s shadow. Spooky.

1. Ohio University.

Without a doubt, Ohio University of Athens, Ohio takes the haunted cake; not only is it one of the most haunted collegiate hot spots, but it’s also one of the most haunted places in the world. In fact, Ohio University is so terrifying, it’s been featured on the television show “Scariest Places on Earth.” Ghosts on this Ohio campus range in form from phantom professors to a ghostly basketball team. What’s more? The Ohio University administration has sealed off a room in one of the dorms because, allegedly, ever since a student once died in the room, no one else has been able to stay in the room in comfort. Talk about scary.

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