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8 celebrities that were kicked out of college

Mar 4 2014 at 2:13 pm by

Some of the most successful people in the world got there without the help of college. In fact, these celebrities were forcefully removed from college and went on to lead lucrative and famous lives anyway. But with midterms heating up, don’t get any bad ideas in your head. Getting kicked out of college is definitely not a recipe for success. The people below are the exception rather than the rule:

1. Paul Newman


8 celebrities that were kicked out of college

Actor, director, entrepreneur, and humanitarian, Paul Newman was expelled from Ohio University for supposedly rolling a keg into the president’s car. The president presumably forgave Newman after he won his first Golden Globe.

2. Woody Allen

8 celebrities that were kicked out of college

A well-known American director and actor, Woody Allen was expelled from NYU for having poor grades. Despite the fact that many glorify his exit from college as a genius dropout, Allen has confirmed that he was expelled in interviews.

3. Samuel L Jackson

8 celebrities that were kicked out of college

Actor Samuel L Jackson was expelled from historically black Morehouse College for locking board members in a building for two days in protest of the lack of black board members. Apparently the real life Jackson is just as bad a** as all the characters he plays.

4. Ted Turner

8 celebrities that were kicked out of college

Billionaire Ted Turner is known as the creator of CNN, the first 24-hour news network. He was kicked out of Brown for doing the unthinkable: he had a girl in his room.

5. Salvador Dali

8 celebrities that were kicked out of college

This Spanish surrealist painter was expelled from the Academy of Art in Madrid. He was expelled for stating that his professors were unable to challenge him and were not even qualified to be evaluating his work.

6. Ted Kennedy

8 celebrities that were kicked out of college

The youngest brother of the famous Kennedy family was a spotty student and was eventually expelled from Harvard for paying a classmate to cheat for him.

7. Harrison Ford

8 celebrities that were kicked out of college

Actor Harrison Ford was expelled from Ripon College for failing a philosophy class at the end of his senior year. He could get himself out of a room full of snakes with only a bull whip, but apparently philosophy and senioritis conquered one of America’s favorite heroes.

8. Robert Frost

8 celebrities that were kicked out of college

Frost, a famous American poet, is rumored to have been expelled from Harvard for giving a prank haircut to another student. Frost was removed from the institution due to the school’s zero-tolerance for hazing policy.


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