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7 creative DIY ways to reuse your books

Feb 7 2014 at 2:44 pm by

Every time you finish a college course you’re left with a textbook rendered useless. The best possible way to get these off your hands — and out of your backpack! — is to sell them for cash at Shipping is free, online quotes are instant, and you get paid fast. But if for some reason you’ve decided cash isn’t the right option for you, and you’re feeling particularly creative, you might want to try out these imaginative uses for your books:

1. Book Shelves

5 creative ways to reuse your textbooks

Aside from being an awesome play on words, these trendy shelves made from your recycled textbooks will be useful and give your room an intellectual look!

2. Pencil Holders

5 creative ways to reuse your textbooks

Spice up your desk with these DIY pencil holders made from your books. That cup you’ve been using can finally go back in the kitchen cupboard.

3. iPhone Charging Dock

5 creative ways to reuse your textbooks

It can get annoying to have cables tangled up all around your room. This dock made from a book will help you stay organized while impressing your friends.

4. Stack of Books Table Lamp

5 creative ways to reuse your textbooks

Brighten up your room with this awesome book lamp! The base is made entirely of stacked books, which will look natural sitting on your bedside table.

5. Clock

7 creative DIY ways to reuse your textbooks

You’ll never be late for class again when you have this book-clock on your wall, because you wont be able to look away from it!

6. Clutch

7 creative DIY ways to reuse your books

Imagine heading out for a night on the town holding clutch made from a book. As soon as your girlfriends ask you why you brought reading with you, impress them with your crafty DIY skills!

7. A Super Secret Safe

5 creative ways to reuse your textbooks

How likely is it that someone would pull your calculus textbook off your shelf and give it a quick read? Not very likely. This makes it a perfect place to hide some valuables. This safe will help you prevent theft while feeling like a straight-up secret agent.


Do you have any ideas to reuse textbooks? Let us know in the comments!

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