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5 Ideas for Cutting Expenses during the School Year

Aug 24 2011 at 11:53 am by

The school year has officially begun for many of you, and you’re probably already realizing that you need to carefully manage your funds. Let’s get real. It is oh so easy to be inspired to go out regularly, buy new techie gadgets and find other creative ways to spend money like it’s going out of style.

The following are a handful of ideas for saving cash - and if you have any additional ideas, feel free to add your two cents.

1. Eat at home or make lunches. It may sound a bit boring and somewhat of a hassle to make your meals at home, but you will be amazed at how much you save. This includes regular Starbucks runs. Dare yourself to make your own coffee and bring it in a thermos. To see how much you’ll save, go through your last bank statement and add up how much you spent on eating out.

2. Purchase Used Books. Why spend two to three times as much for a new college textbook? You can find used books that have barely been touched. As you can imagine, some students were well intentioned when they planned to read through their textbooks and instead used them as bookshelf decorations. Valore Books can save you up to 90% on your books!!

3. Reduce Your Cell Phone Plan. Cell phone bills can be astronomical, no doubt. You can revolt by cutting your cell plan and using Skype or other similar technologies. Did you know that you can enjoy unlimited phone calls within the US on Skype for only $2.99 per month? Or better yet, make unlimited calls internationally for around $15 bucks? It’s a great idea to use Skype when at home and your cell when you’re out and about.

4. Limit Yourself to a Set Amount of Cash Per Week. Make a trip to the bank and take out a limited amount of cash. Put the cash in your wallet, and then put your debit/credit cards away in your sock drawer. When you run out of cash, you’re out of cash! Holding cash in your hands makes you much more aware of the value of a dollar.

5. Discover FREE Activities. There are all sorts of free stuff going on and activities to engage in. No matter where you live, you can probably enjoy great hiking spots, fun places to ride your bike, public tennis courts, beaches & lakes and more. Additionally, as a college student, you can take advantage of free sporting events, art exhibits, concerts, poetry readings and clubs on campus. Don’t miss out!

These are just a handful of ideas on cutting down your cost of living throughout the month. We’d love to hear your ideas as well. How do you cut expenses? Share away!

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