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What is the Best Way to Make Money in College?

Apr 13 2010 at 12:18 pm by

With the competitive nature of the job market today, students are expected to graduate not only with a degree and good grades, but also with relevant work experience. Steady employment throughout college, even if it’s part-time, looks good to future employers because it shows that you are reliable, motivated and have mastered the art of time management.  Below is the first of a five part series that explores the 25  best jobs for college students.  The jobs found on this list will build both your character and your resume, while helping you pay for tuition too.

25. Computer lab tech assistant: If you are a fan of getting paid to do your homework and study, this could be a great gig for you throughout college. Computer lab techs on college campuses help students’ trouble shoot basic tech issues, ensure equipment is being used properly by lab users, and are responsible for opening and closing the lab. In between helping people print last minute assignments and repeatedly yelling “no food or drinks in the lab,” you should have plenty of time to tackle more important tasks, like your homework.

24. Golf Caddy/Starter: A caddy not only carries a player’s bag, but they also offer advice and moral support. A starter directs the flow of play and ensures that golfers progress through their rounds in a timely and appropriate manner. This is a great job for golf enthusiasts and is also a great networking opportunity for college students since many local business people golf both on the weekends and during business hours. Besides having a chance to meet and talk to people in the business community, discounts or free golf rounds are usually offered.

23. Resident Advisor: Calling all future administrators and counselors; this is the job you should want to have. While these gigs are competitive and hard to come by, skills you will gain as an RA are highly transferable. A resident advisor lives where he/she works. RA’s are responsible for building a positive community, assisting residents with personal and academic issues, upholding university policy and serving as a liaison between the school and the students. A common perk of the job is free or reduced living costs as well as an hourly rate.

22. Writer/Blogger: With the trend moving towards virtual workplaces, and the importance of web content for digital marketing purposes, you may be able to find work as a freelance writer or blogger for a company or industry blog. Many companies pay per blog post, and if your work is good, you can find continuous work with the company. If you are interested in a specific area, why not start your own blog? The blog also serves as a live resume for future employers. Essentially, a blog is a peak into how you write, think, and what is important to you as an individual and a professional.

21. Promotional Spokesperson: Promotional spokespeople are well paid and have the opportunity to work during sporting events, concerts and festivals. Promotional companies usually look for “go-getter” types who aren’t afraid to talk to people about a certain brand, product or event that they are trying to sell. If this describes you, this is a great opportunity to improve your communication, marketing and customer service skills, all while earning a great pay and having fun.

Do you agree with the jobs on this list? Let us know what you think is the best way to make money in college by leaving a comment below. All comments received by 11:59 pm PST on April 30th will be entered for a chance to win an iPod Nano. The winner will be announced and notified by May 7th, 2010.


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  1. I’ll second the “find a flexible job” idea. I’ll add lifeguarding, blogging (with Adsense or other affiliate marketing methods), playing music (I play organ and piano) for weddings, musical theater, etc.

  2. seek a professor who has money to share through the research

  3. I started a lawn business when in college. It only took me two days a week and was really good income. I made my own hours so I could take any class I wanted without trying to okay it with a boss. If I was short money I just got more lawns and made it up, I would definitely recommend doing this!

  4. The best way to make money in college is to find a good job and put all the experiences and knowledge in the job. learn from all areas which are necessary to become competent in that particular job. Use discounted books from Valorebooks to save money. Hope this will help.

  5. Among many ways to make money in college, the best way is to find a job with flexible hours, preference a campus job. In addition, you could get involve in buy books or other items with students and resell to other students and make some extra money.

  6. I think any job a student can find is good for him but it definitely depends on his major. Being a tutor is always a big thing :) another thing that might be great for his resume is that if he joins clubs too

  7. Being a stripper pays alot of money some places $100 a night and plus tips just to take it off for 8 hours and strut your stuff.

  8. Working on campus, Work-Study, is a great way to earn extra money since the position is typically easy to get and it also has less transportation cost. You can get to know the faculty more and the job is normally stable. As long as you work hard and show diligence, you won’t get fired.

  9. I had many jobs in college, most that I found were at the student counseling/carreer/job placement office. There were always great postings that were being updated often. The best job I had ws working for the State, I had a chance to meet some influential people and I learned a lot about how the government works (or doesnt). My favorite job was driving a ‘Zamboni’ ice cleaning machine at the college rec. ice rink late at night after ice hours, it paid well and the hours were great.

  10. Working as tutor

  11. Bartending is a great way to make extra cash in college. Work hours are flexible and the money is pretty good. It is also a great way to network with people.

  12. working for a company that has good flexible hours and good benefits is good.

  13. Campus jobs are ideal and wonderful if available. They are very flexible with the hours they give you and understand your class schedule is priority. If Campus jobs are unavailable, I feel working in a coffee shop would have its benefits. Homework often requires a certain amount of caffeine & discounts on cups of coffee is always a plus.

  14. Doing a work study in a field related to your degree allows you to earn money while gaining the hands on experience necessary to become a productive employee immediately after graduation.

  15. The best way to make money in college is to work multiple jobs on campus that are good paying like being a TA or grader or be a house advisor(those guys get paid a lot of money for just checking on people). Selling back your books gets you some of your cash back too. Also best way to make money is to save out for discount sales and free giveaway stuff.

  16. working as a TA, learn and earn at the same time !!!

  17. Work-study is the best way to make money in college. The hours are flexible and you can work around your class schedule.

  18. If you really have a skill, a great way to earn money is to tutor other students younger than you. Also, it is great to find a job on campus because it is easier to get to and there isn’t much hassle to it. Another way is to work at a job with flexible hours and days.

  19. The best way to make money while in college is to sell back your used textbooks and tutoring!

  20. Working in a restaurant (on or off-campus) as a server is the best way to earn money through college! You can usually get flexible hours and earn cash on the spot!

  21. I loved this list. Work study is a great idea and definitely one I will look in to. Thank you.

  22. Being an RA at college is definately the best job you can have. It always pays pretty well no matter what school you are at, and plus it looks REALLY REALLY good on your resume. Nothin wrong with building your career before you even leave college. Not to mention, I have also met over 800 new people on campus that I would have never met if I hadn’t done this job these past two years.

  23. Working as a tutor

  24. Handmade crafts and other oddities are great to sell in the campus center or around campus!

  25. Request for workstudy from the financial aid service for Fall-Spring semesters including the summer sessions.
    The workstudy amount is already provided and can earn the total amount. The workstudy is flexible as you can look and find any jobs on campus or off campus. If workstudy is not an option for some students, then selling back textbooks online through sites like ebay, amazon, etc. or to other students on campus. Dont go to the campus bookstore as they wont even pay you a lot for the textbook and sometimes does not even want your textbook.

    Also, be a tutor for certain subjects for where buildings like at the writing center – would always look for tutors to help out.

  26. The best way to make money while in college is to always sell your books back, become a tutor (this will also benefit self) and find a part time job or even fulltime depending on one’s situation where you can work around school schedule. Remember…education is the key!

  27. great post, very valuable and good stuff

  28. Definitely something with a lot of hours, or late hours, like bartending or EMT. That way you’re not juggling the weekday schedule so much. But things like bartending and waiting tables can give you pretty good tips too. Tips are always good…..

  29. sell dorm care packages for holidays and exam weeks or run a campus delivery service to deliver black dead roses to as person that broke up with another.

  30. I think the best way to make money in college is through a combination of a couple things. First of all, I think it is important to have a part time job. However, this job should not get in the way of your performance in school. It would be a big plus as well if this job was in your chosen field of study. If you were to gain experience in the field you would one day be working in, that would be a great head start for you. You will not only be making money but it will be a great resume builder. Secondly, a great way to essentially make money is by not spending it in the first place! Now that seems ridiculous, of course you will have to buy things, but you can be smart about it. You can choose what you buy, where you buy it, and save a TON of money by doing it. What I mean is, you should buy your college textbooks at You will save hundreds of dollars every semester by buying your college textbooks online versus at your college bookstore. Then when the time comes to sell back some or all of your textbooks, you can go back to and sell them there. You are almost guaranteed to be able to sell your textbooks for a higher price than if you were to sell them back at your local bookstore as well. So not only can you buy them cheaper in the first place from, you can also sell them for more money at when you are done using them. One more quick way to make money during college is also through Once you become familiar with the book buying and selling process at, tell your friends! Sign up as a valore agent and let your friends in on this great secret and help them save money as well. You will be given a promotional code to give to your friends, so when they buy books they will save money. You will also earn a 5% commission for every book a friend buys using your promo code! It’s a win-win situation! I feel that these are the best ways to make money in college.

  31. Selling candy out of your dorm room. Definitely one of the best ideas ever. Everybody likes candy, and everybody craves it. Doesn’t help with the gaining of the freshman 15, but hey. A college kid has gotta make money to pay for school somehow.

  32. My best way right now is to have a part time job, but I also house sit AND pet sit. House sitting and pet sitting is pretty lucrative depending on who your client is.

  33. It was very helpfull thank you so much for sharing. I will share it with my friends. Thanks

  34. The best way to earn money in college is working part-time in the field you are interested in. For example, if your major is Finance and accounting, find a business firm who needs temps in their accounting department. Similarly, work study can be a wonderful way to fulfill this. Most schools that have your major will also have professors doing research, writing books, or performing in some way shape or form in the field you wish to go into. Admittedly you won’t make a lot of money doing this. However, while earning money to help you pay for college you will begin to accrue experience. The experience will be invaluable and will set you apart after college as you begin to apply for jobs. Having the experience will increase your chances of getting the job you want in the field you want at the pay you desire (or at least reasonably close to it). The best way to earn money in college is then to find work in the field you desire to enter after college.

  35. Paid research and internships are the best ways to make money in college. However, doing well in your classes is perhaps the best way to have financial security.

  36. To make money in college…you need to find a way to make money doing your hobby. If you like to sew, fix people’s hems/holes/etc. for a price. If you sing, sing for weddings/parties/etc. for money on the side. Do what you love and make money doing it. THAT’S how you make money while you are in college!

  37. The best way to to sign up for a bunch of scholarships, no matter how small, since they can add up. Getting a job on campus helps because they know that you’re a student and have to work around class and studying. If you’re really good at a subject, tutoring for some cash can help as well. Use your talents to your advantage e.g. if you’re really good at making clothes, sell custom made products for people.

  38. I wouldn’t say I’ve found the best way but it works for me. I work full-time as an Emergency Service Dispatcher, 12 hour nights and go to school in the mornings or do online courses when I can. I used to do 4-5 classes a semester but got promoted and had to cut it back to 2-3 classes, sucks but I’m making it work and refuse to let either get in the way of the other.

  39. Work on campus as not only will it be convenient as you will be working and studying at the same place thus save time in commute and additional stress but will also give you a chance to meet new people – be it faculty or people in the various offices whose help you may need someday.So its a very good way to be involved and know a lot about your college and at the same time serve you college (and get paid for it!)

  40. working in compas.

  41. I really liked the idea in the article about working as a writer or blogger. This enables you to work in a virtual atmosphere,from your home computer or laptop, so you never have to worry about being late to work! Other great options are to find open jobs on campus. They are usually willing to work around your class schedule and the job is so close that you can literally walk to work. Many schools have tutoring centers for Math, Writing and Languages, and they are always looking for college juniors or seniors to work as tutors for younger undergrads. Also, working at the library, food court, career center or academic advising services are great ways to get experience working with people, and you may even get discounts on stuff :)

  42. Working in the Admissions Office was the best job I can think of. At UMass-Amherst I did this for two years. The hours were flexible and I could also work during school breaks. What a great way to impact your college and admissions people are generally great to work for/with. After graduation I continued on to work in admissions for eight years.

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