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4th of July main photo

The 4th of July: A History Quiz You’ll Probably Fail

Why is the 4th of July one of the best holidays? Because it’s a good excuse to eat way too much food and light off way too many fireworks. It’s also a celebration of vital American history. But how much of …… Read More

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7 easy meals you can make in 7 minutes (or less!)

The downside of being a student is that you don’t have much free time for things like “cooking”—whatever that is. You’re probably more used to eating cereal from a box or really bad lasagna from the cafeteria. Thankfully we’re here to …… Read More

College Discounts

The 2015 Ultimate Guide to College Student Savings

College life ain’t cheap, but you know that already. You’ve got tuition to pay for, books to buy, and food to scavenge. Add to that other living expenses like rent, utilities, and entertainment and the true cost of college becomes clear. …… Read More


A letter from our CEO, Kevin Walker

Dear savvy students, At ValoreBooks, we never cease to be amazed by our customers. You believe in the value of education and work hard every day to overcome its cost. That fact is so inspiring that we surveyed thousands of full-time …… Read More

Yearbook Superlatives

7 must-have superlatives in your senior yearbook

One of the best things about being a senior—other than senioritis—is that most of the yearbook is dedicated to you and your fellow seniors! Better yet, you get to fill that yearbook with whatever you want—everything from baby pictures to superlatives. …… Read More

Stitch helps you move!

The Expert Guide to Moving Off Campus as told by Stitch

Living on campus may be convenient, but it’s rarely the cheapest, most comfortable, or quietest option. That’s why every student looking to save money should at least consider moving off campus. Apartments, duplexes, and even houses can be more affordable, especially …… Read More

Types of professors you see in college

10 types of professors you’ll find in college

Not all college professors are created equal. Nor do they fit into simple categories like “good” and “bad.”  In fact, college professors come in many types, most of which have pros and cons.   1. The one who never stops talking …… Read More

online resources for college students

14 Free Online Resources for College Students

Getting a degree is expensive and hard, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. There are online resources that can help you solve just about any problem you might encounter during your education. Check out some of the …… Read More