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How to save money on student loans

At ValoreBooks, we want to help you save money on all the costs of college — not just textbooks. That’s why we’re here to drop some money-saving knowledge about student loans. While borrowing for college may seem like one of the great …… Read More

road trip

5 steps to the perfect summer road trip

Summer is, by design, the season of travel. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to travel abroad. Keep it cheap by taking a road trip with your friends or family. Just remember that a good road …… Read More

want a job start a blog

Want a Job? Start a Blog!

Everyone has a resume and a LinkedIn profile. So how do new grads differentiate themselves during the job hunt? The answer: start a blog! Blogging can help you:   Network Not only does blogging connect you with individuals who have similar …… Read More

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5 rules for studying in common areas

There are a precious few places to study in solitude on a college campus. You can try scoring a private study carrel at your library, but more often than not they’re booked full. That’s why most students end up studying in …… Read More

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College rankings you wish you knew about

Colleges are ranked by a lot of measures – best academics, best financial aid, best rate of employment after graduation – and while these measures are valuable, they’re not the only ones worth considering. After all, colleges are ranked on many …… Read More

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The 4th of July: A History Quiz You’ll Probably Fail

Why is the 4th of July one of the best holidays? Because it’s a good excuse to eat way too much food and light off way too many fireworks. It’s also a celebration of vital American history. But how much of …… Read More

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7 easy meals you can make in 7 minutes (or less!)

The downside of being a student is that you don’t have much free time for things like “cooking”—whatever that is. You’re probably more used to eating cereal from a box or really bad lasagna from the cafeteria. Thankfully we’re here to …… Read More

College Discounts

The 2015 Ultimate Guide to College Student Savings

College life ain’t cheap, but you know that already. You’ve got tuition to pay for, books to buy, and food to scavenge. Add to that other living expenses like rent, utilities, and entertainment and the true cost of college becomes clear. …… Read More