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The University of California at Berkeley has always had a reputation for its outspoken policies and radical free speech movement. Most students who choose Cal either know about its history and are happy to be here, or have a slightly more difficult time adjusting to it at first. Its a low tuition school, so its a great alternative to private schools, but class size tends to be a gripe and some feel like they are a number. Many students claim that it's not an easy place to make friends, but those who are not independent and proactive at first, learn how to hold their own very quickly. But what makes this university radical, also makes it very unique. While many have a hard time explaining the schools personality, most students who attend classes here love it. It's a campus full outgoing, intelligent, down-to-earth and aware people - some of whom over assert their intelligence, yet at the same time appreciate a good conversation. And if these qualities are your thing, you will enjoy your time at this radical University.

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