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Texas A&M is located in College Station, TX, a town of about 94,000 people with about 40,000 of those being undergrads at the school. The actual university is big so it's easy to get lost in the crowd if a student has not yet figured out their direction. "Aggies" as they are called, have an overwhelming sense of pride in their alma mater. There are many age old traditions which can seem a bit odd or intimidating to new students at first, but since there is no shortage of them, the consistency of rituals offers a timeless experience which is shared with other A&M graduates. To sum it up: a student coming to A&M is not just getting an education; they are becoming part of a whole new culture. Everyone here takes part in its traditions, current and future events, and becomes a part of its history. The experience students take away from going to A&M shapes their lives and stays with them forever.

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