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From conspiracy theories to children's studies, you might be surprised at the range of text books available in this area. When you buy cheap social science textbooks from Valore Books, you get the chance to delve into literally thousands of pre-owned text books. In fact our collection has expanded to include hundreds of thousands of books, any one of which could make a real difference to your college course. Look out for Sociology: A Brief Introduction; Racial and Ethnic Groups; Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences; and Anthropology: The Exploration of Human Diversity. Discounted prices are commonplace for these and thousands of other pre-owned books. Whatever you want to buy and whichever area of this topic you need books on, you can rent cheap social science textbooks here today. Our service couldn't be easier to use. If this is the first time you have been here, make sure you come back again soon!

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Invitation to Sociology A Humanistic Perspective by Berger, Peter L., Berger, P... ISBN: 9780385065290 List Price: $14.00
Social Psychology of Punishment of Crime by Bieneck, Steffen, Bieneck, ... ISBN: 9780470515990 List Price: $184.95
Introduction to Toxocology and Risk Assessment by Snyder, Robert, Snyder, Rob... ISBN: 9780470868935 List Price: $160.00
Sociology by John E. Farley, Michael Flota ISBN: 9781594518041 List Price: $84.95
Essential Feminist Reader by Freedman, Estelle B. ISBN: 9780812974607 List Price: $17.95
Black Like Me (50th Anniversary Edition) by Griffin, John Howard, Griff... ISBN: 9780451234216 List Price: $7.99
Class Matters by New York Times Staff, Kelle... ISBN: 9780805080551 List Price: $15.00
Dynamics of Mass Communication: Media in the Digital Age by Dominick, Joseph R. ISBN: 9780073378831 List Price: $119.25
Gender and the Social Construction of Illness by Lorber, Judith, Moore, Lisa... ISBN: 9780759102385 List Price: $32.95
Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements by Rath, Tom, Harter, Jim ISBN: 9781595620408 List Price: $25.95
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond ISBN: 9780393061314 List Price: $29.95
Writing Women's Worlds by Abu-Lughod, Lila ISBN: 9780520256514 List Price: $24.95
North American Archaeology by Unknown ISBN: 9780631231844 List Price: $56.95
Origins of Virtue Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation by Ridley, Matt ISBN: 9780140264456 List Price: $16.00
Notes from No Man's Land: American Essays by Biss, Eula ISBN: 9781555975180 List Price: $15.00
Masked Gods Navaho and Pueblo Ceremonialism by Waters, Frank ISBN: 9780804006415 List Price: $22.95
Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in Challenging Times by Loeb, Paul Rogat ISBN: 9780312595371 List Price: $16.99
War and Public Health by Levy, Barry S., Sidel, Vict... ISBN: 9780195311273 List Price: $54.99
Adolescence, Seventh Edition by Cobb, Nancy J. ISBN: 9780878933389 List Price: $129.95
Criminology (11th Edition) by John E. Conklin ISBN: 9780132764445 List Price: $150.20
America's Teenagers--Myths and Realities Media Images, Schooling, & the Social Costs of Care... by Nichols, Sharon, Good, Thom... ISBN: 9780805848519 List Price: $50.95
Survey Methodology by Groves, Robert M., Fowler, ... ISBN: 9780470465462 List Price: $84.95
Feminism Is for Everybody Passionate Politics by hooks, bell ISBN: 9780896086289 List Price: $14.00
Media in Society: A Brief Introduction by Richard Campbell, Joli Jens... ISBN: 9780312179861
The World Without Us by Weisman, Alan ISBN: 9780312427900 List Price: $15.00
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