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Conspiracy theory courses, taught as a part of the social sciences, have grown in popularity in recent years. Many students are opting for these courses at various universities and colleges. Speculation aboutmajor social, political, and catastrophic events in the past have led to a rise in the demand for conspiracy theory programs. If you enroll in a social science degree programthat includes conspiracy theory in its course content, it is important that you acquire all the books needed to cover the curriculum. These books are essential to understanding the basic concepts of your degree program and will also enlighten you about conspiracy theories and their modern relevance.

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Escaping Oz: Protecting your wealth during the financial crisis by Mosquera, Jim ISBN: 9781453891216 List Price: $19.95
Conspiracy Theory : A Reader by Unknown ISBN: 9780849054471 List Price: $75.00
Last Great Plague AIDS and Related Murder Tools by Ceres ISBN: 9781569350041 List Price: $7.95
Z of Conspiracy Theories by Bircher, Robert ISBN: 9781840240696 List Price: $16.95
None Dare Call It Conspiracy - Gary Allen - Paperback by Allen, Gary ISBN: 9780944379530
Conspiracy 101 Beginning to Be Crazy by Greco, Albert ISBN: 9781411619555 List Price: $12.95
Conspiracy Theories by Tuckett, Kate, King, Jamie ISBN: 9780425205273 List Price: $6.99
Beast at Work by Unknown ISBN: 9781569350065 List Price: $7.95
Conspiracy Files by Southwell, David, Twist, Sean ISBN: 9781741787924
Orientalism and Conspiracy : Politics and Conspiracy Theory in the Islamic World by Graf, Arndt, Fathi, Schirin... ISBN: 9781848854147
1984 - 2011 by Hoffman, Alex, Anevry: www.... ISBN: 9781466376588 List Price: $16.99
Seeking Armageddon : The Four-Year Effort to Murder Martin Luther King Jr by Hancock, Larry Joe, Wexler,... ISBN: 9781936296019
Wer steckt Dahinter? : Die 99 wichtigsten Verschwoerungstheorien by Roth, Juergen, Sokolowsky, Kay ISBN: 9783462027655
Conspiracy Theories by McCaffrey, Paul ISBN: 9780824211158
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