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If you thought the Valore Books website was all about offering pre-owned and affordable college text books and nothing else, think again. We provide a large collection of self-help books as well, and as you can see here they delve into all kinds of topics! Buy cheap sexual instruction textbooks here today and make your love life better than ever as well as your college years. Look for examples such as Tickle His Pickle!: Your Hands on Guide to Penis Pleasing; Lesbian Sex 101: 101 Lesbian Lovemaking Positions; Best Sex Positions Ever!; and New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook. As you can see there are plenty of diverse and fascinating titles here so you can always find the cheapest and best books to serve your needs. Whatever you might be looking for you can buy used sexual instruction textbooks from Valore Books without having to pay full price for them.

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What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X by Hutcherson, Hilda ISBN: 9780399528538 List Price: $17.00
How To Maximize Your Manhood by Peters, Clive ISBN: 9781434371515 List Price: $13.49
Fellatio 101: Blow His Mind Through Creative Oral Sex by Montero, MarĂ­a ISBN: 9781453862568 List Price: $29.99
Penis Genius : The Best Tips and Tricks for Working His Stick by LaRousse, Jordan, Sade, Sam... ISBN: 9781592334605 List Price: $17.99
Sex so Great She Can't Get Enough by Keesling, Barbara ISBN: 9781590770924 List Price: $21.95
Sex, Orgasm, and the Mind of Clear Light The Sixty-Four Acts of Gay Male Love by Hopkins, Jeffrey ISBN: 9781556432743 List Price: $14.95
Discover Your Sensual Potential A Woman's Guide to Guaranteed Satisfaction by Keesling, Barbara ISBN: 9780060929473 List Price: $11.99
Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction by Herbenick, Debby ISBN: 9781605298764 List Price: $21.99
365 Glorious Nights of Love and Romance by Darbo, Patrika, Zenka, Lorr... ISBN: 9780060013820 List Price: $24.95
Making Love Better Than Ever Reaching New Heights of Passion and Pleasure After 40 by Keesling, Barbara, Hunter H... ISBN: 9780897932318 List Price: $13.95
Seduction: Attract Women and Increase Your Sex Appeal by Green, Stewart ISBN: 9781847531025 List Price: $12.99
Wet Erotic Adventures in Water by Kate, Ellen ISBN: 9781592332571 List Price: $19.99
Erotic Foreplay Pocket Guide by Sonntag, Linda ISBN: 9780600612650 List Price: $7.95
Love Hotels by Jacob, Ed ISBN: 9781435741867 List Price: $17.74
How to Capture a Mistress by Martin, Karen ISBN: 9781887895750 List Price: $19.95
Aphrodite's Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality by Meredith, Jane ISBN: 9781846942860 List Price: $24.95
The Best Sex Ever: The Ultimate Guide to Positions, Techniques, Toys, and Games by Crain Bakos, Susan ISBN: 9781592334346 List Price: $17.99
Stop Calling Him Honey and Start Having Sex : How Changing Your Everyday Habits Will Make Yo... by Arana, Maggie, Davis, Julienne ISBN: 9780757315312 List Price: $14.95
Her Sweet Spot : 101 Sexy Ways to Find and Please It by Schell, Jude ISBN: 9781587610066
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Extraordinary Sex by Clarkson, Petruska ISBN: 9781843750116 List Price: $14.95
Let's Talk Sex by McCall, Davina, Naik, Anita ISBN: 9781905026180
Sex With the Lights on 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered by Doolittle, Ducky ISBN: 9780786716807 List Price: $15.95
Sexual Paradox Complementarity, Reproductive Conflict And Human Emergence by King, Chris, King, Ms Chri... ISBN: 9781411655324 List Price: $28.00
Making Sense out of Sex: A New Look at Being a Man by Whelan, Elizabeth M., Whela... ISBN: 9780070695276
Tantric Sex Heightening Sexual Pleasure by Rachuean, Emil, Akerman, Da... ISBN: 9789654941808 List Price: $9.95
Sexual Understanding before Marriage by Miles, Herbert J. ISBN: 9780310292128 List Price: $3.95
Goddess Orgasm by Marx, Eve ISBN: 9780806526669 List Price: $12.95
How to Make Love to a Man by Penney, Alexandra ISBN: 9780517541456
Sexual Pleasure by Keesling, Barbara ISBN: 9780897931496 List Price: $14.95
Educacion Sexual En La Escuela by Hiriart, Vivianne ISBN: 9789688534298 List Price: $41.95
How to Make Love to the Same Person for the Rest of Your Life...and Still Love It by O'Connor, Dagmar ISBN: 9780753508817 List Price: $7.95
Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend to Have A Threesome by Taylor, Adrienne ISBN: 9781435717879 List Price: $37.00
Concise Kama Sutra by Johnson, Anne ISBN: 9780600605492 List Price: $14.95
52 Invitations to Grrreat Sex by Corn, Laura ISBN: 9780974259901 List Price: $29.95
Communicating with Caring : A Program for Early Adolescents and Caregivers of Adolescents by Education Development Cente... ISBN: 9780892923243 List Price: $79.95
Understanding Your Sexuality by Kahan, Jane M., Becwar, Jer... ISBN: 9780892901005 List Price: $159.00
Real Sexy Stories by Allen, David ISBN: 9781445258386 List Price: $17.64
Use of Pleasure The History of Sexuality by Foucault, Michel ISBN: 9780394751221 List Price: $15.00
Radical Ecstasy SM Journeys to Transcendence by Easton, Dossie, Hardy, Jane... ISBN: 9781890159627 List Price: $16.95
The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions by Kelly, Siobhan ISBN: 9781569757291 List Price: $11.95
How to Have Sex in the Woods by Colombo, Luann ISBN: 9780609804025 List Price: $10.95
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