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If you thought the Valore Books website was all about offering pre-owned and affordable college text books and nothing else, think again. We provide a large collection of self-help books as well, and as you can see here they delve into all kinds of topics! Buy cheap sexual instruction textbooks here today and make your love life better than ever as well as your college years. Look for examples such as Tickle His Pickle!: Your Hands on Guide to Penis Pleasing; Lesbian Sex 101: 101 Lesbian Lovemaking Positions; Best Sex Positions Ever!; and New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook. As you can see there are plenty of diverse and fascinating titles here so you can always find the cheapest and best books to serve your needs. Whatever you might be looking for you can buy used sexual instruction textbooks from Valore Books without having to pay full price for them.

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269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks for Her, 2E by Hooper, Anne ISBN: 9781402224546 List Price: $11.99
Kamasutra by Vrato, Elizabeth, Doniger, ... ISBN: 9780762416080 List Price: $4.95
Sex Deck Playful Positions to Spice Up Your Love Life by Harper, Dawn ISBN: 9780811853576 List Price: $14.95
Clitoral Truth by Chalker, Rebecca, Fish ISBN: 9781583224731 List Price: $12.95
Ready for Romance Hot Lips, Great Escapes, & 89 More Ways to Keep Love Alive by Caplan, Leslie, Caplan, Jimmy ISBN: 9781577312383 List Price: $14.00
Covert Seduction Secrets: How to get into anyone's Mind without them knowing by Anonymous, Pickup Artists ISBN: 9781451539677 List Price: $12.99
Your Daughter's Bedroom: Insights for Raising Confident Women by McFadden, Joyce T. ISBN: 9780230103627 List Price: $25.00
Kamasutra for Women by Mulchandani, Sandhya ISBN: 9788174363190 List Price: $14.95
Sex Mix A Split-page, Mix-and-match Book for Couples With Fun Foreplay and Hot Positions by McKenzie, Eleanor, Sonntag,... ISBN: 9781569755341 List Price: $19.95
Sex Detox A Relationship Rejuvenation Program for Everyone by Kerner, Ian ISBN: 9780061136078 List Price: $24.95
How To Have A Xxx Sex Life The Ultimate Vivid Guide by Vivid Girls Staff ISBN: 9780060581480 List Price: $14.99
Hot Sex Handbook by Cox, Tracey ISBN: 9780553383478 List Price: $7.50
Wild and Sexy: The Stunning Book of Thrilling Sex Positions by Leu, Laura ISBN: 9781569758120 List Price: $14.95
Fantasy Sex Coupons : 22 Ways to Fulfill Your Secret Desires by Sourcebooks, Inc. ISBN: 9781402244551 List Price: $5.99
Secrets of Better Sex by Block, Joel D. ISBN: 9780735202832 List Price: $16.00
Everything Great Sex Book From Sensuous to Sizzling, the Hottest Tips, Tricks, and Technique... by Heumann, Suzie, Campbell, S... ISBN: 9781580627399 List Price: $14.95
Taking Sexy Back: The Cure for the Sexual Blahs by Campbell, Jean A. ISBN: 9781438952857 List Price: $24.99
For Yourself The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality by Barbach, Lonnie Garfield ISBN: 9780385112451 List Price: $13.95
Great Sex A Man's Guide to the Secret Principles of Total-Body Sex by Castleman, Michael ISBN: 9781579547363 List Price: $20.01
Sex Tips from Rock Stars : In Their Own Words by Miles, Paul ISBN: 9781849384049
Position Of The Day Playbook Sex Every Day In Every Way From by Editors ISBN: 9780811847018 List Price: $12.95
Going Down by Talbot, Nicci ISBN: 9781569756294
Sex And the Seasoned Woman Pursuing the Passionate Life by Sheehy, Gail ISBN: 9780812972740 List Price: $15.95
Joy of Sex Revised & Updated for the 21st Century by Comfort, Alex ISBN: 9780743477741 List Price: $15.00
Down and Dirty Sex Secrets The New and Naughty Guide to Being Great in Bed by Taormino, Tristan ISBN: 9780060988920 List Price: $14.99
Sexual Energy Ecstasy: A Guide to the Ultimate Intimate Sexual Experience by Ramsdale, David A., Dorfman... ISBN: 9780917879005 List Price: $9.95
What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X by Hutcherson, Hilda ISBN: 9780399148422 List Price: $27.95
Sexploration Welcome to the Pleasure Zone by Hankin, Lorna ISBN: 9781402741326 List Price: $14.95
Seducing Your Woman by Steele, Sydnee, Chao, Luke ISBN: 9781897404119 List Price: $10.95
Marriage Bed: Renewing Love, Friendship, Trust and Romance by Womack, William, Stauss, Fr... ISBN: 9780880890151 List Price: $8.95
Complete Idiot's Guide to the Kama Sutra by Wikoff, Johanna, Romaine, D... ISBN: 9781592571840 List Price: $19.95
Great Sex Techniques by Sonntag, Linda ISBN: 9780600606185 List Price: $7.95
Kama Sutra Step by Step by Dorling Kindersley Publishi... ISBN: 9780756650421 List Price: $25.00
101 Sex Positions by Taylor, Samantha ISBN: 9781569756553
All About Us by Keel, Philipp ISBN: 9780767905015 List Price: $12.95
Toygasms The Insider's Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques by Allison, Sadie, Azar, Joe ISBN: 9780970661111 List Price: $14.95
Drive Him Wild 100 Sex Tips for Women by Bevan, Katy ISBN: 9780754813187 List Price: $12.99
Pop-up Book of Sex by Moerbeek, Kees, Rubess, Bal... ISBN: 9780061129742 List Price: $34.95
Guide to Getting It On! The Universe's Coolest and Most Informative Book About Sex for Adult... by Joannides, Paul, Gröss, Dær... ISBN: 9781885535672 List Price: $19.95
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