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If you thought the Valore Books website was all about offering pre-owned and affordable college text books and nothing else, think again. We provide a large collection of self-help books as well, and as you can see here they delve into all kinds of topics! Buy cheap sexual instruction textbooks here today and make your love life better than ever as well as your college years. Look for examples such as Tickle His Pickle!: Your Hands on Guide to Penis Pleasing; Lesbian Sex 101: 101 Lesbian Lovemaking Positions; Best Sex Positions Ever!; and New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook. As you can see there are plenty of diverse and fascinating titles here so you can always find the cheapest and best books to serve your needs. Whatever you might be looking for you can buy used sexual instruction textbooks from Valore Books without having to pay full price for them.

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Guide to Getting It On! The Universe's Coolest and Most Informative Book About Sex for Adult... by Joannides, Paul, Gröss, Dær... ISBN: 9781885535672 List Price: $19.95
Sex You Want A Lovers' Guide to Women's Sexual Pleasure by Douglass, Lisa, Douglass, M... ISBN: 9781569244951 List Price: $14.95
The New Kama Sutra by Emerson, Richard ISBN: 9781847327390 List Price: $14.95
Best You'll Ever Have What Every Woman Should Know About Getting and Giving Knock-Your-Socks... by Mullen, Shannon, Frankel, V... ISBN: 9781400054824 List Price: $20.00
Sex And the Seasoned Woman Pursuing the Passionate Life by Sheehy, Gail ISBN: 9780812972740 List Price: $15.95
Big Bang Nerve's Guide to the New Sexual Universe by Sharkey, Lorelei, Taylor, E... ISBN: 9780452284265 List Price: $25.00
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex - Sari Locker - Paperback by Locker, Sari ISBN: 9780028629025 List Price: $18.95
Notes Of A Dominatrix by Allen, K. ISBN: 9780615166063
K.I.S.S. Guide to the Kama Sutra by Hooper, Anne ISBN: 9780789483812 List Price: $22.00
I Love Female Orgasm An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide by Solot, Dorian, Miller, Mars... ISBN: 9781569242766 List Price: $15.95
Daily Sex 365 Positions and Activities for a Year of Great Sex by Seddon, Jane ISBN: 9780446691277 List Price: $14.95
Cuddle Sutra by Grader, Rob ISBN: 9781402207679 List Price: $12.95
Romancing Your Husband by Smith, Debra White ISBN: 9780736906067 List Price: $12.99
Fetish Sex An Erotic Guide for Couples by Blue, Violet, Roche, Thomas ISBN: 9781881943235 List Price: $18.00
269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks for Men by Hooper, Anne, Hodson, Phillip ISBN: 9781402201660 List Price: $10.95
Three The Art of the MTnage + Trois by Johnson, Sadie ISBN: 9781402749230 List Price: $19.95
Arte Del Kama Sutra / Beyond the Kama Sutra by McKenzie, Eleanor, Paredes,... ISBN: 9788466616089 List Price: $26.95
Kama Sutra Year 52 Sensational Postions For Erotic Pleasure by McKenzie, Eleanor ISBN: 9781592331055 List Price: $21.95
Tao of Love and Sex by Chang, Jolan ISBN: 9780140193381 List Price: $20.00
The Return of Desire by Ogden, Gina ISBN: 9781590303641
The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus: How to Go Down on a Women and Give Her Exquisite Pleasure by Blue, Violet, Cho, Margaret ISBN: 9781573443876 List Price: $16.95
Hardness Factor How to Achieve Your Best Health and Sexual Fitness at Any Age by Lamm, Steven, Couzens, Gera... ISBN: 9780061235207 List Price: $16.95
Illustrated Kama Sutra Ananga-Ranga Perfumed Garden Classic Easton Love Texts by Burton, Richard, Arbuthnot,... ISBN: 9780892814411 List Price: $24.95
Sexually Dominant Woman A Workbook for Nervous Beginners by Green, Lady ISBN: 9781890159115 List Price: $11.95
Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex by Hartley, Nina, Levine, I. S. ISBN: 9781583332634 List Price: $25.95
101 Things You Didnt Know About Sex by Marx, Eve ISBN: 9781605501062 List Price: $9.95
Love Bets by Naylor, Sharon ISBN: 9781598695779
Discover Your Sensual Potential A Woman's Guide to Guaranteed Satisfaction by Keesling, Barbara ISBN: 9780060929473 List Price: $11.99
Doctor Hubbard's Sex Facts for Men and Women by Berkowitz, Bob, Yager-Berko... ISBN: 9780061702556 List Price: $12.99
Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man by Anderson, Dan, Berman, Maggie ISBN: 9780060392321 List Price: $22.00
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex, 4th Edition by Locker, Sari ISBN: 9781615641109 List Price: $21.95
The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex: A No-Surrender Advice Book for Naughty Moms by Chase, Kristen ISBN: 9781605503615 List Price: $14.95
Slow Sex Secrets: Lessons from the Master Masseur by Tokunaga, Adam ISBN: 9781934287293
Joy of Sex Revised & Updated for the 21st Century by Comfort, Alex ISBN: 9780743477741 List Price: $15.00
Gay Man's Kama Sutra by Sanderson, Terry ISBN: 9781847327147
The Sexually Confident Wife by Ethridge, Shannon ISBN: 9780767926058
52 Ways to Have Fun, Fantastic Sex by Penner, Clifford L., Penner... ISBN: 9780840734846 List Price: $7.99
Good Vibrations Guide The G-Spot by Winks, Cathy ISBN: 9780940208230 List Price: $9.50
Naughty or Nice Sex Exciting Games and Romantic Play for Lovers by Scott, Amy, Geary, Boyd ISBN: 9781402205774 List Price: $10.95
What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X by Hutcherson, Hilda ISBN: 9780399148422 List Price: $27.95
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