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College students always need books they can refer to in order to support their studies. If you are looking for the cheapest possible source of such books, you are in the best place to find them. Buy cheap reference textbooks from our collection of pre-owned titles today and cut a vast amount off the usual prices you would pay. Look for books such as The Merriam Webster Dictionary; The Craft of Research; Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics; and Speech and Voice Science, Second Edition. As you can see the subject areas here are vast, covering everything from handbooks and manuals to writing skills. Whatever information you need you will always be able to rent or buy used reference textbooks from our ever growing collection. Don't forget our buyback system is open for use too! This means you can sell your reference books back if the need ever arises for you to do so.

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Encarta World English Dictionary by Soukhanov, Anne H., Microso... ISBN: 9780312222222 List Price: $99.00
Essential Procedures by Tuggy, Michael, Garcia, Jorge ISBN: 9781437714999 List Price: $99.95
STEM Student Research Handbook - PB297X by Harland, Darci J. ISBN: 9781936137244 List Price: $23.95
Atlas of the World by Oxford University Press Staff ISBN: 9780199751280 List Price: $80.00
Johns Hopkins Guide To Literary Theory And Criticism by Groden, Michael, Kreiswirth... ISBN: 9780801880100 List Price: $83.00
Survey of Taoist Literature Tenth to Seventeenth Centuries by Boltz, Judith M., Universit... ISBN: 9780912966885 List Price: $25.00
Oxford American College Dictionary by Oxford Press University Staff ISBN: 9780399144158 List Price: $25.95
Getting from College to Career by Pollak, Lindsey ISBN: 9780062069276 List Price: $14.99
Pass the 7: A Training Guide for the FINRA Series 7 Exam by Walker, Robert ISBN: 9780982347669 List Price: $89.95
New Oxford Picture Dictionary English/Spanish by Parnwell, E. C. ISBN: 9780194343558 List Price: $16.95
Genealogy Online for Dummies by Helm, Matthew L., Helm, Apr... ISBN: 9780470916513 List Price: $24.99
Dictionary of American Regional English I-O by Cassidy, Frederic G., Hall,... ISBN: 9780674205192 List Price: $118.50
Coping Cat Workbook by Kendall, Philip C., Hedtke,... ISBN: 9781888805215 List Price: $26.95
Dangerous Book for Boys by Iggulden, Conn, Iggulden, Hal ISBN: 9780061243585 List Price: $26.95
Home Machinist's Handbook by Briney, Doug ISBN: 9780830615735 List Price: $19.95
Ready-To-Use Social Skills Lessons & Activities for Grades 7-12 by Begun, Ruth Weltmann ISBN: 9780876284759 List Price: $29.95
Ready-to-use Social Skills..grades 7-12 by Begun, Ruth Weltmann ISBN: 9780876288665 List Price: $29.95
Mother Nurture A Mother's Guide to Health in Body, Mind, and Intimate Relationships by Hansen, Rick, Hansen, Jan, ... ISBN: 9780142000625 List Price: $24.00
Research Agenda for Dsm-V by Kupfer, David J., First, Mi... ISBN: 9780890422922 List Price: $74.00
The Knowledge Book: Everything You Need to Know to Get by in the 21st Century by National Geographic ISBN: 9781426205187 List Price: $24.95
Federal Taxation Comprehensive Topics by Smith, Ephraim, Hasselback,... ISBN: 9780808026198 List Price: $217.00
Alfarabi, The Political Writings Selected Aphorisms and Other Texts by Butterworth, Charles E. ISBN: 9780801489136 List Price: $21.00
God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life's Little Detours by Brett, Regina ISBN: 9780446556521 List Price: $21.99
Conducting Meaningful Experiments 40 Steps to Becoming a Scientist by Bausell, R. Barker ISBN: 9780803955318 List Price: $61.95
Secret Language of Birthdays by Goldschneider, Gary, Elffer... ISBN: 9780670858576 List Price: $34.95
Who Knew? Things You Didn't Know About Things You Know Well by Hoffman, David ISBN: 9781567314427 List Price: $5.98
American Heritage College Dictionary by American Heritage Dictionar... ISBN: 9780618835959 List Price: $26.95
Fowler's Modern English Usage by Burchfield, R. W., Fowler, ... ISBN: 9780198610212 List Price: $37.95
Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer by Lluch, Elizabeth, Lluch, Alex ISBN: 9781887169240 List Price: $29.95
Merriam-webster's Pocket Dictionary by Merriam-Webster, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780877795308 List Price: $5.95
Encyclopedia Britannica With 2004 Book of the Year by Hoiberg, Dale H., Pappas, T... ISBN: 9780852299616 List Price: $1,295.00
Illustrated Plumbing Codes Design Handbook by Ballanco, Julius ISBN: 9781891255199
How to Think about Weird Things by Schick, Theodore, Vaughn, L... ISBN: 9780073386621 List Price: $53.00
Oxford Picture Dictionary English/Chinese by Shapiro, Norma, Adelson-Gol... ISBN: 9780194351898 List Price: $17.95
Exercises for Voice Therapy by Behrman, Alison, Behrman, A... ISBN: 9781597565301 List Price: $89.95
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