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College students always need books they can refer to in order to support their studies. If you are looking for the cheapest possible source of such books, you are in the best place to find them. Buy cheap reference textbooks from our collection of pre-owned titles today and cut a vast amount off the usual prices you would pay. Look for books such as The Merriam Webster Dictionary; The Craft of Research; Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics; and Speech and Voice Science, Second Edition. As you can see the subject areas here are vast, covering everything from handbooks and manuals to writing skills. Whatever information you need you will always be able to rent or buy used reference textbooks from our ever growing collection. Don't forget our buyback system is open for use too! This means you can sell your reference books back if the need ever arises for you to do so.

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Pink Think Becoming a Woman in Many Uneasy Lessons by Peril, Lynn ISBN: 9780393323542 List Price: $15.95
New Comprehensive American Rhyming Dictionary by Young, Sue ISBN: 9780380713929 List Price: $14.99
The Knowledge Book: Everything You Need to Know to Get by in the 21st Century by National Geographic ISBN: 9781426205187 List Price: $24.95
Webster's New World Dictionary and Thesaurus by Webster's New World Staff, ... ISBN: 9780764563393 List Price: $19.99
Research Administration & Management (R) by Kulakowski, Elliott C., Chr... ISBN: 9781449634407 List Price: $222.95
Heavenly Errors Misconceptions About the Real Nature of the Universe by Comins, Neil F. ISBN: 9780231116459 List Price: $26.00
Writing Essays: Strategies for Success by Nell W. Meriwether ISBN: 9780658005954 List Price: $26.50
Evaluating Research Articles From Start to Finish by Kabacoff, Robert I., Girden... ISBN: 9781412974462 List Price: $57.95
You Must Remember This 1977 by Mary Pradt, Betsy Dexter ISBN: 9780446910545 List Price: $4.95
2010 Encyclopaedia Britannica Set by Encyclopaedia Britannica ISBN: 9781593398378 List Price: $1,395.00
You Must Remember This 1976 by Mary Pradt, Betsy Dexter ISBN: 9780446910538 List Price: $4.95
Architectural Woodwork Standards by Architectural Woodwork Inst... ISBN: 9780615289885 List Price: $125.00
: Code and Regulations--Selected Sections (2013-2014) by Dickinson, Martin B. ISBN: 9780808034650 List Price: $73.95
Encyclopedia Britannica With 2004 Book of the Year by Hoiberg, Dale H., Pappas, T... ISBN: 9780852299616 List Price: $1,295.00
Report Writing for Speech Language Pathologists by Gay T. Vekovius, Grace Midd... ISBN: 9780890798676 List Price: $66.00
Literacy Research Methodologies, Second Edition by Duke, Nell K., Mallette, Ma... ISBN: 9781609181628 List Price: $45.00
Hard Luck: How Luck Undermines Free Will and Moral Responsibility by Levy, Neil ISBN: 9780199601387 List Price: $55.00
Ichishkiin Sinwit Yakama/Yakima Sahaptin Dictionary by Beavert, Virginia, Hargus, ... ISBN: 9780295989150 List Price: $60.00
Federal Taxation: Basic Principles (2013) by Harmelink and Hasselback, e... ISBN: 9780808029748 List Price: $189.00
New Oxford American Dictionary by Stevenson, Angus, Lindberg,... ISBN: 9780195392883 List Price: $60.00
Wedding Planning & Management Consultancy for Diverse Clients by Daniels, Maggie, Loveless, ... ISBN: 9780750682336 List Price: $55.95
Greek and Latin Roots of English by Green, Tamara M. ISBN: 9780742547803 List Price: $39.95
Eric II : The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins by Suarez, Rasiel ISBN: 9780976466413 List Price: $149.95
Hearing Sciences by Hamill, Teri, Price, Lloyd ISBN: 9781597565400 List Price: $89.95
Late Eight by Bleile, Ken ISBN: 9781597565592 List Price: $89.95
Practical Guide to Partnerships and LLCs (6th Edition) by Ricketts, Robert, Tunnell, ... ISBN: 9780808034797 List Price: $150.00
Oxford English Dictionary Blue Leather Edition by Simpson, J. A., Weiner, Edmund ISBN: 9780191958922 List Price: $6,295.00
Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics (2013) by Harmelink, and Hasselback, ... ISBN: 9780808029724 List Price: $227.95
Making Sense of Business Reference by Celia Ross ISBN: 9780838910849 List Price: $52.00
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