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If you are studying psychology you will have to rely on several text books to get you through each part of the course. Fortunately we have made life a lot easier for you by giving you an opportunity to rent used psychology textbooks of all kinds. We've split the category into several sub-categories, making it easier for you to locate the books you need in the shortest possible time. Look out for books on creative ability, education and training, applied psychology and practice management. We provide buy it and rent it prices for many of our books too, so if you only need one for a short period you can get it from us for a semester. You may also rent cheap psychology textbooks for a quarterly period. Make sure you choose us for your text books every time and make your college years memorable for all the right reasons.

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Site Visit Case Studies by Institute of Medicine Staff ISBN: 9780598096371 List Price: $30.00
Some Perceptual Prerequisites for Reading : Uta Frith, Juliet M. Vogel by Frith, Uta, Murray, Frank B. ISBN: 9780598126252 List Price: $30.00
Intersensory Transfer, Perceptual Shifting, Modal Preference, and Reading by Jones, John Paul ISBN: 9780598126115 List Price: $30.00
Blooming! : Choices of a Growing Woman by Davis, Maggie S. ISBN: 9780598124227 List Price: $44.70
Helping Young Children to Express Their Feelings : Resolving Little Conflicts by Nash, B. Chris ISBN: 9780598121073 List Price: $30.00
Studies in the Perception of Language by Levelt, Willem J. M., Level... ISBN: 9780598122162 List Price: $109.50
Win the Happiness Game. Foreword by Dr. Warren Johnson by Nickels, William G. ISBN: 9780598119650 List Price: $64.80
Advertising and the Soul's Belly : Repetition and Memory in Advertising by Wood, James Playsted ISBN: 9780598115751 List Price: $39.70
Our Search for Identity : Humanity in the Image of God by Micks, Marianne H. ISBN: 9780598114846 List Price: $54.30
Children's Ways of Knowing : Nathan Isaacs on Education, Psychology, and Piaget by Isaacs, Nathan, Hardeman, M... ISBN: 9780598111678 List Price: $59.60
To Wash an Aethiop White : British Ideas about Black African Educability, 1530-1960 by Lyons, Charles H. ISBN: 9780598111715 List Price: $64.50
Psychological Probability : Or, the Art of Doubt by Cohen, John ISBN: 9780598136701 List Price: $45.00
Philosophy and Human Movement by Best, David ISBN: 9780598136633 List Price: $53.40
Biodevelopmental Approach to Clinical Child Psychology : Cognitive Controls and Cognitive Co... by Santostefano, Sebastiano ISBN: 9780598134073 List Price: $200.00
Psychologists Caught : A Psycho-Logic of Psychology by Brandt, Lewis ISBN: 9780598131072 List Price: $97.40
Language As Away of Knowing : A Book of Readings by Nystrand, Martin, Nystrand,... ISBN: 9780598131874 List Price: $59.60
Beyond Guilt by Stein, Edward V. ISBN: 9780598128614 List Price: $30.00
Hope and the Future of Man by Cousins, Ewert H., Cousins,... ISBN: 9780598128805 List Price: $49.60
Improving Children's Facility in Problem Solving by Bingham, Alma ISBN: 9780598168467 List Price: $30.00
Beyond Normal Cognition : An Evaluative and Methodological Study of the Mental Content of Ce... by Thomas, John Frederick ISBN: 9780598161550 List Price: $103.90
Closed Ranks : An Experiment in Mental Health Education by Cumming, Elaine ISBN: 9780598162731 List Price: $66.40
History and Practice of Psychanalysis by Bjerre, Poul Carl, Barrow, ... ISBN: 9780598162113 List Price: $108.20
Quest for Dean Bridgman Conner by Philpott, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780598161871 List Price: $80.30
Psychotherapeutic Nursing Practice by O'Connor, Andrea B. ISBN: 9780598155108 List Price: $105.40
Integrative Development of Brain and Behavior in the Dog by Fox, Michael W. ISBN: 9780598155573 List Price: $111.60
Psychoanalysis and the Question of the Text by English Institute, Hartman,... ISBN: 9780598156334 List Price: $63.30
Ego-Oriented Casework : Problems and Perspectives by Parad, Howard J., Parad, Ho... ISBN: 9780598157522 List Price: $99.90
Political Obligation by Flathman, Richard E. ISBN: 9780598186676 List Price: $112.60
Perception and Reading by Perception and reading, Smi... ISBN: 9780598183033 List Price: $44.40
Control of the Onset of Puberty by Grumbach, Melvin M., Grumba... ISBN: 9780598178022 List Price: $158.10
Infant Rating Scale : Its Validation and Usefulness by Hoopes, Janet L. ISBN: 9780598170552 List Price: $37.20
Theology in Reconciliation : Essays Towards Evangelical and Catholic Unity in East and West by Torrance, Thomas F. ISBN: 9780598172624 List Price: $93.70
Psychoanalysis and Current Biological Thought by Greenfield, Norman S., Gree... ISBN: 9780598148681 List Price: $120.90
Self-Recording Maze with an Automatic Delivery Table : E. C. Tolman, R. C. Tryon and L. A. J... by Tolman, Edward Chace ISBN: 9780598146656 List Price: $30.00
Developmental Study of the Behavior Problems of Normal Children Between Twenty-One Months an... by Macfarlane, Jean Walker ISBN: 9780598146724 List Price: $71.30
Correlations and Sex Differences in Memory and Substitution by Gates, Arthur Irving ISBN: 9780598146601 List Price: $30.00
Diurnal Variations in Memory and Association by Gates, Arthur Irving ISBN: 9780598146595 List Price: $30.00
Psychological Studies of Motion Pictures : Herbert S. Conrad and Harold Ellis Jones by Jones, Harold Ellis ISBN: 9780598146625 List Price: $30.00
Study of the Major Emotions in Persons of Defective Intelligence by Morrison, Beulah May ISBN: 9780598146618 List Price: $30.00
Controlled Attitude-Tension Survey by Bloom, Leonard ISBN: 9780598146564 List Price: $30.00
Experimental Study of Tensions in Work Behavior by James, John ISBN: 9780598146571 List Price: $30.00
Estimation of Pupil Ability by Three Factorial Solutions : M. A. Wenger, Karl J. Holzinger a... by Wenger, Marion Augustus ISBN: 9780598146311 List Price: $31.00
Perceptual Factors in Delayed Response by Handlon, Joseph Harold ISBN: 9780598146328 List Price: $30.00
Effect on Learning and Retention of an Increase in the Activity of Proprioceptive Sense Organs by Sheldon, Muriel Inez ISBN: 9780598146304 List Price: $30.00
Learning to Work by Geer, Blanche, Geer, Blanche ISBN: 9780598143334 List Price: $34.10
Handbook of Psychiatry for Social Workers and Health Visitors by Bagg, Charles ISBN: 9780598142948 List Price: $135.80
Bilingualism As a World Problem by Mackey, William Francis ISBN: 9780598141989 List Price: $37.20
Introduction a un Examen Philosophique de la Psychologie de l'Intelligence Chez Jean Piaget by Desbiens, Jean-Paul ISBN: 9780598140494 List Price: $60.80
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