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From cats and dogs to more unusual animals such as amphibians and reptiles, there are certainly all kinds of pets around in the US today. If you want the chance to buy used pets textbooks so you can learn more about them, you are in the best place to secure the cheapest deals. Look out for 4-H Guide to Dog Training and Dog Tricks; The Power of Positive Dog Training; Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling; and Saltwater Aquariums for Dummies. As you can see some of these books are focused on locations where pets live, as well as on the pets themselves. Whatever you want to learn about you can buy cheap pets textbooks direct from us for an amazing deal you will absolutely love. We buy back pets books so we can add them to our Valore Books website every day. Would you like to browse the existing collection to see which ones would help you?

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Horse Handling & Grooming A Step-By-Step Photographic Guide to Mastering over 100 Horsekeepi... by Hill, Cherry, Klimesh, Richard ISBN: 9780882669564 List Price: $19.95
Natural Reef Aquariums Simplified Approaches to Creating Living Saltwater Microcosms by Tullock, John H., Michael, ... ISBN: 9781890087005 List Price: $34.95
How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With by Rutherford, Clarice, Neil, ... ISBN: 9781577790761 List Price: $14.95
New Marine Aquarium Step-By-Step Setup & Stocking Guide by Paletta, Michael S., Kadunc... ISBN: 9781890087524 List Price: $19.95
Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale by Dan Dye, Mark Beckloff ISBN: 9780761119371 List Price: $18.95
English Springer Spaniels by Ditto, Tanya B. ISBN: 9780764128561 List Price: $8.99
German Shepherd Dog by Hegewald-Kawich, Horst, Alt... ISBN: 9780764134579 List Price: $8.99
Clownfishes A Guide to Their Captive Care, Breeding & Natural History by Wilkerson, Joyce D., Wu, No... ISBN: 9781890087043 List Price: $32.95
Ball Python Manual by De Vosjoli, Philippe, Dum, ... ISBN: 9781882770281 List Price: $8.50
Tarot of the Cat People A Travelers Report by Kuykendall, Kay ISBN: 9780880794206 List Price: $9.95
Dog Years by Doty, Mark ISBN: 9780061171017 List Price: $13.99
Dog Tricks and Agility For Dummies by Consumer Dummies Staff, Hod... ISBN: 9780470539590 List Price: $19.99
Sheltie Talk - Betty Jo McKinney - Hardcover by McKinney, Betty J. ISBN: 9780931866173 List Price: $34.95
Our Puppy's Baby Book by Howell Book House Staff ISBN: 9780764595783 List Price: $11.99
Dog Training For Dummies by Volhard, Jack, Volhard, Wendy ISBN: 9780764584183 List Price: $21.99
Companion Species Manifesto Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness by Haraway, Donna J. ISBN: 9780971757585 List Price: $12.95
Chelsea The Story of a Signal Dog by Ogden, Paul ISBN: 9780316633758 List Price: $25.00
Freshwater Aquariums for Dummies by Hargrove, Maddy, Hargrove, Mic ISBN: 9780470051030 List Price: $21.99
Saltwater Aquarium Fishes - Herbert R. Axelrod - Hardcover - 3rd ed., New ed by Axelrod, Herbert R., Burges... ISBN: 9780866224994 List Price: $23.95
Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot Kit by Mahony, Karen, Ukolov, Alex ISBN: 9780954500726 List Price: $35.00
Aquarium Guide by Jim Kelly ISBN: 9780878260058
Cat Name Companion Facts and Fables to Help You Name Your Feline by Bryant, Mark ISBN: 9780806516714 List Price: $8.95
Lizards As a New Pet by Coborn, John ISBN: 9780866225366 List Price: $6.95
Encyclopedia Of Dog Breeds by Coile, D. Caroline, Earle-B... ISBN: 9780764157004 List Price: $29.99
Betty White's Pet Love: How Pets Take Care of Us - Betty White - Hardcover - 1st ed by White, Betty, Watson, Thoma... ISBN: 9780688022075 List Price: $12.95
New Doberman Pinscher by Walker, Joanna, Fellton, He... ISBN: 9780876051139 List Price: $25.95
Equitation Science by McGreevy, Paul, McLean, Andrew ISBN: 9781405189057 List Price: $52.99
Be the Pack Leader by Millan, Cesar, Peltier, Mel... ISBN: 9780307381675 List Price: $14.00
Game Dog The Hunter's Retriever for Upland Birds and Waterfowl A Concise New Training Method by Wolters, Richard A., Meisne... ISBN: 9780525939429 List Price: $25.95
My Parrot, My Friend An Owner's Guide to Parrot Behavior by Doane, Bonnie M., Qualkinbu... ISBN: 9780876059708 List Price: $25.00
Caring for Your Dog The Complete Canine Home Reference by Fogle, Bruce ISBN: 9780789489296 List Price: $35.00
Snakes Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding, and Behavior by Bartlett, Richard, Bartlett... ISBN: 9780764100550 List Price: $8.99
Boston Terriers for Dummies by Bedwell-Wilson, Wendy ISBN: 9780470127681 List Price: $16.99
On Talking Terms With Dogs Calming Signals by Rugaas, Turid ISBN: 9781929242368 List Price: $12.95
Koehler Method of Dog Training by Koehler, William R. ISBN: 9780876055779 List Price: $19.95
Natural Cures for Your Dog and Cat by Heinerman, John ISBN: 9781882330911 List Price: $16.95
Positive Dog Training - The Complete Idiot's Guide by Dennison, Pamela ISBN: 9781615640669 List Price: $14.95
Dogs Don't Bite When a Growl Will Do What Your Dog Can Teach You About Living a Happy Life by Weinstein, Matt, Barber, Luke ISBN: 9780399530487 List Price: $14.95
Pomeranians for Dummies by Coile, D. Caroline ISBN: 9780470106020 List Price: $16.99
Beverley Nichols' Cats' A. B. C by Nichols, Beverley ISBN: 9780881925814 List Price: $19.95
Parakeets for Dummies by Moustaki, Nikki ISBN: 9780470121627 List Price: $9.99
Saluki, Companion of Kings by Watkins, Vera H. ISBN: 9780903879101
Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by Koehler, William R. ISBN: 9780876055526 List Price: $24.95
Be the Pack Leader Use Cesar's Way to Transform Your Dog . . . and Your Life by Millan, Cesar, Peltier, Mel... ISBN: 9780307381668 List Price: $25.95
Puppy Whisperer A Compassionate, Non Violent Guide to Early Training and Care by Owens, Paul, Cranendonk, Te... ISBN: 9781593375973 List Price: $14.95
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