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Turtles of the United States and Canada by Ernst, Carl H., Lovich, Jef... ISBN: 9780801891212 List Price: $98.00
Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp by Committee on the Nutrient R... ISBN: 9780309163385 List Price: $149.95
Biology of Turtles From Structures to Strategies of Life by Wyneken, Jeanette, Godfrey,... ISBN: 9780849333392 List Price: $149.95
Silviculture Concepts and Applications by Nyland, Ralph D. ISBN: 9780073661902 List Price: $141.30
Martius, Book of Palms by Lack, H. Walter, Lamers-Sch... ISBN: 9783836517799 List Price: $150.00
Biology of the Pitvipers by Jonathan A. Campbell, Edmun... ISBN: 9780963053701 List Price: $75.00
Bird Coloration Mechanisms And Measurements by Hill, Geoffrey E., McGraw, ... ISBN: 9780674018938 List Price: $112.00
Handbook of Mushroom Poisoning Diagnosis and Treatment by Rumack, Barry H. ISBN: 9780849301940 List Price: $269.95
Ecology and Evolution of Poeciliid Fishes by Evans, Jonathan, Pilastro, ... ISBN: 9780226222745
Ecology and Biogeography of Pinus by Richardson, David M. ISBN: 9780521789103 List Price: $100.00
Birds of Northern South America An Identification Guide, Plates and Maps by Restall, Robin, Rodner, Cle... ISBN: 9780300124156 List Price: $70.00
Encyclopedia of Insects by Resh, Vincent H., Cardé, Ri... ISBN: 9780123741448 List Price: $120.00
Normal Table of Xenopus Laevis (Daudin) A Systematical and Chronological Survey of the Devel... by Nieuwkoop, P. D., Faber, J.... ISBN: 9780815318965 List Price: $127.00
Marine Mammal Guide by Jefferson, Thomas A., Webbe... ISBN: 9780123838537 List Price: $72.95
Mushrooms of the Southeastern United States by Bessette, Alan E., Roody, W... ISBN: 9780815631125 List Price: $95.00
Navigating Social-Ecological Systems by Berkes, Fikret, Colding, Jo... ISBN: 9780521061841 List Price: $79.00
North American Trees by Preston, Richard Joseph, Br... ISBN: 9780813815268 List Price: $74.95
In the Company of Animals A Study of Human-Animal Relationships by Serpell, James ISBN: 9780521577793 List Price: $33.99
Cactus Family by Anderson, Edward F., Anders... ISBN: 9780881924985 List Price: $99.95
The Pigeon by Wendell M. Levi ISBN: 9780910876018 List Price: $117.25
Certainly More Than You Want to Know About the Fishes of the Pacific Coast by Milton Love ISBN: 9780962872563 List Price: $29.95
A Handbook of the World's Conifers by Farjon, Aljos ISBN: 9789004177185 List Price: $290.00
Horse by Klein, Kelly, Matz, Michael ISBN: 9780847830640
Wild Turkey Biology and Management by Dickson, James G. ISBN: 9780811718592 List Price: $85.00
Fishes Of Wisconsin by George C. Becker ISBN: 9780299087906 List Price: $125.00
Horse Deluxe by Matz, Michael, Klein, Kelly ISBN: 9780847832095
Trace Fossils Concepts, Problems, Prospects by Miller, William, III ISBN: 9780444529497 List Price: $205.00
Handbook of Australian, New Zealand & Antarctic Birds Ratites to Ducks by Marchant, Stephen, Higgins,... ISBN: 9780195530681 List Price: $350.00
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