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Pharmaceutical Calculations by Ansel, Howard C. ISBN: 9781582558370 List Price: $79.95
Tarascon Pharmacopoeia : Disease Edition by Tarascon ISBN: 9780763782191 List Price: $16.95
Introduction to Chinese Materia Medica by Yang, Jin, Huang, Huang, Zh... ISBN: 9781938134166
Practical Pharmaceutical Engineering by Prager, Gary ISBN: 9780470410325 List Price: $110.00
Mosby's Drug Guide for Nurses, with 2012 Update by Skidmore-Roth, Linda ISBN: 9780323081047 List Price: $41.95
Remington The Science And Practice Of Pharmacy by Troy, David B., Troy, David... ISBN: 9780781746731 List Price: $165.95
Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy! by Springhouse Publishing Comp... ISBN: 9781582553924 List Price: $42.95
AHFS Drug Information by Bachenheimer, Bonnie S., Am... ISBN: 9781585282074 List Price: $79.00
Case Studies in Pharmacy Ethics by Veatch, Robert M., Haddad, ... ISBN: 9780195308129 List Price: $29.99
Calculation of Medication Dosages Practical Strategies to Ensure Safety And Accuracy by Boundy, Janice F., Stockert... ISBN: 9780781758543 List Price: $61.95
2011 Intravenous Medications: A Handbook for Nurses and Health Professionals by Gahart, Betty L., Nazareno,... ISBN: 9780323057929 List Price: $46.95
Pharmaceutics The Design and Manufacture of Medicines by Aulton, Michael E., Taylor,... ISBN: 9780443101083 List Price: $81.95
Basic Physical Pharmacy with Companion Website by Ma, Joseph H. K., Hadjiza, ... ISBN: 9781449653347 List Price: $78.95
Introduction to Institutional Pharmacy Practice by Holdford, David A., Brown, ... ISBN: 9781585282371 List Price: $61.00
Sterile Products for Pharmacy Technicians by Acosta, W. Renée ISBN: 9780781775045 List Price: $42.95
Art, Science and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding by Allen, Loyd V. ISBN: 9781582121109 List Price: $69.95
Comprehensive Pharmacy Review by Shargel, Leon, Mutnick, Ala... ISBN: 9781582557113 List Price: $55.95
Pharmaceutical Calculations by Zatz, Joel L., Teixeira, Ma... ISBN: 9780471433538 List Price: $76.50
Compounding Sterile Preparations, Third Edition by Buchanan, E. Clyde, Schneid... ISBN: 9781585281794 List Price: $85.00
Pharmaceutical Calculations by Ansel, Howard C., Stoklosa,... ISBN: 9780781762656 List Price: $72.95
Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia : 2011 Classic Shirt-Pocket Edition by Hamilton, Richard J. ISBN: 9780763793050 List Price: $16.95
Math and Dosage Calculations for Health Care by Booth, Kathryn, Whaley, James ISBN: 9780073374178 List Price: $61.50
Mama's Home Remedies by Konnikova, Svetlana, Clemen... ISBN: 9780979175824
Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy by Springhouse Publishing Comp... ISBN: 9781605471976 List Price: $44.95
Serpent and the Rainbow by Davis, Wade ISBN: 9780684839295 List Price: $15.00
Game of Shadows Barry Bonds, BALCO, and the Steroids Scandal That Rocked Professional Sports by Fainaru-Wada, Mark, William... ISBN: 9781592401994 List Price: $26.00
Clinical Rotations by Setlak, Paul J., American P... ISBN: 9781582121147 List Price: $19.95
Prescription for Drug Alternatives: All-Natural Options for Better Health without the Side E... by Balch, James, Stengler, Mar... ISBN: 9780470183991 List Price: $24.95
Patient Care Management Lab A Workbook for Prescription Practice by Finkel, Richard ISBN: 9780781765695 List Price: $53.95
Quick Look Drug Book 2011 by Lance, Leonard L. ISBN: 9781609138028 List Price: $41.95
Pharmacy Technician Exam by LearningExpress Editors ISBN: 9781576857373 List Price: $39.95
Drug Delivery and Targeting For Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists by Hillery, Anya M., Lloyd, An... ISBN: 9780415271981 List Price: $95.95
Quality and Safety in Pharmacy Practice by Warholak, Terri L., Nau, Da... ISBN: 9780071603850 List Price: $54.95
Managing the Patient-Centered Pharmacy by Hagel, Harry P., Rovers, Jo... ISBN: 9781582120102 List Price: $52.00
Manual for Pharmacy Technicians by Fred, Linda Y. ISBN: 9781585280902 List Price: $88.00
Dosage Calculations An Incredibly Easy! Pocket Guide by Lippincott Williams and Wil... ISBN: 9781582555379 List Price: $31.95
Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia 2009: Classic Shirt-Pocket Edition, Revised and Updated by Hamilton, Richard J., Green... ISBN: 9780763774196 List Price: $14.95
I.V. Therapy An Incredibly Easy Pocket Guide by Lippincott Williams and Wil... ISBN: 9781582554358 List Price: $31.95
Quick Look Drug Book 2010 by Lance, Leonard L. ISBN: 9780781797177 List Price: $39.95
Henke's Med-math Dosage Calculation, Preparation And Administration by Henke, Grace ISBN: 9780781762649 List Price: $49.95
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