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Pathology careers are one of the highest ranked medical health careers in the US. Pathology is described as the diagnosis and screening of medical diseases. There are a number of medical schools that are offering degree programs and short courses in this field of study. To become a professional certified pathologist, it is important that you have the relevant qualifications in pathology. Pathology courses require career oriented books and study materials that encompass in depth knowledge needed for this occupation.

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Late Eight by Bleile, Ken ISBN: 9781597560825 List Price: $79.95
Balance Function Assessment And Management by Jacobson, Gary P., Shepard,... ISBN: 9781597561006 List Price: $139.95
Cognitive-communicative Disorders of Dementia Definition, Diagnosis, And Treatment by Bayles, Kathryn A., Tomoeda... ISBN: 9781597561112 List Price: $79.00
Otoacoustic Emissions Clinical Applications by Robinette, Martin, Glattke,... ISBN: 9781588904119 List Price: $89.95
Children's Speech Sound Disorders by Bowen, Caroline ISBN: 9780470723647 List Price: $68.99
The Vertebrate Inner Ear by Edwin R Lewis, Ellen L Leve... ISBN: 9780849364655 List Price: $170.00
Here's How to Do Early Intervention for Speech and Language: Empowering Parents by Karyn Lewis Searcy ISBN: 9781597564403 List Price: $59.95
Neurotology by Jackler, Robert K., Brackma... ISBN: 9780323018302 List Price: $309.00
Vestibular System by Goldberg, Jay, B├╝ttner-Enne... ISBN: 9780195167085 List Price: $125.00
Hereditary Hearing Loss and Its Syndromes by Toriello, Helga V., Reardon... ISBN: 9780195138498 List Price: $169.50
Workbook for Vocal Therapy Exercises by Behrman, Alison, Haskell, John ISBN: 9781597562317 List Price: $79.95
Books Are for Talking, Too! by Gebers, Jane L. ISBN: 9780890799024 List Price: $66.75
Dyslexia in Context Research, Policy and Practice by Fawcett, Angela, Reid, Gavin ISBN: 9781861564269 List Price: $65.00
CHARGE Syndrome by Hartshorne, Timothy, Hefner... ISBN: 9781597563499 List Price: $79.95
Clinical Neurophysiology of the Vestibular System by Baloh, Robert W., Kerber, K... ISBN: 9780195387834 List Price: $125.00
Tinnitus Retraining Therapy: Implementing the Neurophysiological Model by Jastreboff, Pawel J., Hazel... ISBN: 9780521088374 List Price: $58.00
Working with Families in Speech-Language Pathology by Pappas, Nicole, McLeod, Sha... ISBN: 9781597562416 List Price: $59.95
AUDIOLOGY Treatment by Valente, Michael, Hosford-D... ISBN: 9781588905208 List Price: $99.95
Genes, Hearing and Deafness From Molecular Biology to Clinical Practice by Martini, Alessandro, Stephe... ISBN: 9780415383592 List Price: $174.95
Cleft Craft: Bilateral and Rare Deformities, Vol. 2 by Millard, D. Ralph, Jr. ISBN: 9780316571388 List Price: $235.00
Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices by Shewell, Christina ISBN: 9780470019924 List Price: $99.99
Communication Sciences and Disorders by Williams, Dale F. ISBN: 9780805861815 List Price: $79.95
Clinical Otology by Hughes, Gordon B., Pensak, ... ISBN: 9781588903648 List Price: $199.95
Foreign Accent Management by Menon, Mythri S. ISBN: 9781597560689 List Price: $89.95
Cleft Craft: The Evolution of Its Surgery: The Unilateral Deformity by Millard, D. Ralph, Jr. ISBN: 9780316571371 List Price: $235.00
The Audiology Capstone: Research, Presentation, and Publication by Valente, Michael, Amlani, A... ISBN: 9781604063592 List Price: $79.95
Human Auditory Evoked Potentials by Picton, Terence W. ISBN: 9781597563628 List Price: $179.00
The Routledge Companion to Dyslexia by Reid, Gavin, Elbeheri, Gad,... ISBN: 9780415430784
Cochlear Implants by Waltzman, Susan B., Roland, J. ISBN: 9781588904133 List Price: $114.95
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