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If you are in need of text books relating to some area of math, you can get them here. Our collection of affordable and pre-owned books encompasses many different areas, enabling you to choose from thousands of titles. These relate to all kinds of areas including algebra, calculus, complex analysis and counting and numeration. The titles include the likes of Basic Statistics for Business and Economics; Introduction to Algorithms; Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis; and Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data. There are plenty more where those came from, and if you have anything you'd like to sell back, just look for our buyback facility to make the most of it now. Buy used mathematics textbooks today and sell your mathematics books back later - it really is that easy to use our site to the full. You can find the best deals from us whenever you need them for college.

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Numerical Methods in Economics by Judd, Kenneth L. ISBN: 9780262100717 List Price: $84.00
Statistics As Principled Argument by Abelson, Robert P. ISBN: 9780805805284 List Price: $44.95
Applied Combinatorics, Second Edition by Roberts, Fred, Tesman, Barry ISBN: 9781420099829 List Price: $99.95
MRI: The Basics by Hashemi, Ray Hashman, Bradl... ISBN: 9781608311156 List Price: $66.95
Discrete Mathematics for Teachers by Wheeler, Ed, Brawner, Jim ISBN: 9781617350269 List Price: $49.99
Algebra With Trigonometry for College Students by Charles P. McKeague ISBN: 9780030344466 List Price: $123.95
Essentials Of Technical Mathematics by Cleaves, Cheryl, Hobbs, Margie ISBN: 9780131714809 List Price: $151.20
GIS Tutorial 2: Spatial Analysis Workbook by David W. Allen ISBN: 9781589482586 List Price: $79.95
Algebraic D-Modules (Perspectives in Mathematics) by Borel, Armand ISBN: 9780121177409 List Price: $99.95
Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach by Allan G. Bluman ISBN: 9780073534978 List Price: $199.75
Math Skills by Staszkow, Ronald ISBN: 9780757546129 List Price: $80.80
Stochastic Differential Equations by Gihman, I. I., Skorohod, A.... ISBN: 9780387059464 List Price: $69.00
Noncommutative Geometry by Connes, Alain ISBN: 9780121858605 List Price: $134.00
An Introduction to Game Theory, International Edition by Martin J. Osborne ISBN: 9780195322484 List Price: $109.95
Graphs and Matrices (Universitext) by Bapat, R. B. ISBN: 9781848829800 List Price: $59.95
Geometric Modeling by Mortensen, Michael E. ISBN: 9780831132989 List Price: $53.95
Geometry for College Students by Isaacs, I. Martin ISBN: 9780821847947 List Price: $62.00
Understanding Analysis by Abbott, Stephen ISBN: 9781441928665 List Price: $54.95
Randomized Algorithms by Motwani, Rajeev, Raghavan, ... ISBN: 9780521474658 List Price: $80.00
Introduction to Abstract Algebra by W. Keith Nicholson ISBN: 9781118135358 List Price: $146.00
Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences by Higham, Nicholas J. ISBN: 9780898714203 List Price: $44.50
Guide to MATLAB For Beginners And Experienced Users by Hunt, Brian R., Lipsman, Ro... ISBN: 9780521615655 List Price: $64.00
Elements of Algebraic Topology by Munkres, James R. ISBN: 9780201627282 List Price: $77.00
Learning Python by Lutz, Mark ISBN: 9781449355739
A History of Mathematics by Boyer, Carl B., Merzbach, U... ISBN: 9780470525487 List Price: $39.95
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