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If you are studying law at college in America you will realize how many books are required to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. Fortunately you don't have to part with a small fortune to get the books you need. You can buy cheap law textbooks from our collection of pre-owned books today, enabling you to save money every time you do so. Look out for books in different sections too, such as administrative law and regulatory practice, alternative dispute resolution, conflict of laws and estates and trusts. With book titles such as The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication, not to mention Health Policymaking in the United States, you can see how simple it is to get the titles you need to further your knowledge. Valore Books is famous for providing heavily discounted books for all readers - including you. Make the most of our service today for the best results.

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Law and Revolution by Berman, Harold J. ISBN: 9780674517769 List Price: $33.50
International Law by Cassese, Antonio ISBN: 9780199259397 List Price: $75.00
Modern Approach to Evidence : Text, Problems, Transcripts and Cases by Lempert, Lempert, Richard O... ISBN: 9780314177230 List Price: $189.00
MacCarthy on Cross Examination by MacCarthy, Terence F. ISBN: 9781590318867
Problems in Contract Law by Knapp, Charles L., Crystal,... ISBN: 9780735562554 List Price: $161.00
A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation by Golden, Thomas W., Skalak, ... ISBN: 9780470599075 List Price: $175.00
Mastering Secured Transactions: UCC Article 9 by Nowka, Richard H. ISBN: 9781594603624 List Price: $28.00
Darrow-Kleinhaus' Acing Contracts by Darrow-Kleinhaus, Suzanne ISBN: 9780314171719 List Price: $32.00
Environmental Law by Kubasek, Nancy K., Silverma... ISBN: 9780133075281
Cases and Materials on Torts, 4th by Robertson, David W., Powers... ISBN: 9780314906878 List Price: $172.00
Products Liability Law by Geistfeld, Mark ISBN: 9781454806226
Taxation of Individual Income by Burke, J. Martin, Friel, Mi... ISBN: 9781422482414
Law of Debtors and Creditors 6e by Warren, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780735576261 List Price: $151.00
Introduction to the American Legal System by Scheb, John M., Sharma, Hemant ISBN: 9781454808961
Oklahoma Court Rules+proc.,state-1997 by Calamari, John D., Perillo,... ISBN: 9780314202857 List Price: $17.16
Federal Income Taxation by Bankman, Joseph, Shaviro, D... ISBN: 9781454809968
International Environmental Law and Policy, 4th by Hunter, Hunter, David, Salz... ISBN: 9781599415383 List Price: $185.00
Employment Law by Moran, John J. ISBN: 9780133075229
Problems and Materials on Payment Law by Whaley, Douglas J., McJohn,... ISBN: 9781454807216
Florida Family Law : Text and Commentary, 2012 Statutes by Coleman, Phyllis ISBN: 9781611632996 List Price: $80.00
Competition Law by Whish, Richard, Bailey, David ISBN: 9780199586554 List Price: $70.00
Military Justice : Cases and Materials by Fidell, Eugene R., Hillman,... ISBN: 9781422498613
Boyce, Dripps and Perkins' Criminal Law and Procedure by Boyce, Ronald N., Dripps, D... ISBN: 9781599415925 List Price: $190.00
Fundamentals of Modern Property Law, 6th by Rabin, Edward H., Kwall, Ro... ISBN: 9781599416410 List Price: $193.00
Cite Checker: Hands on Guide Learning Citation Form 2e by Bouchoux, Deborah E. ISBN: 9780735587663
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