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Do you have a passion for interior design? Do you want to know how to take care of your home in the best possible way? Our selection of books on these topics will be tempting for you to look into, as you'll see here. Buy cheap house and home textbooks and secure some of the best and most affordable deals on useful books in all kinds of areas. Look out for books on equipment, appliances and supplies, not to mention design and construction too. Elsewhere you will find copies of titles about cleaning and caretaking, furniture and also decorating. Individual titles include Complete Photo Guide to Window Top Treatment: Do It Yourself Valances, Swags and Cornices, as well as The New Complete Do It Yourself Manual. Whatever you need to discover more about, you can buy house and home textbooks online here today so you can get the best deals all round.

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Smart Homes for Dummies by Briere, Danny, Hurley, Pat ISBN: 9780470165676 List Price: $21.99
Curtain Recipes Book by Baker, Wendy ISBN: 9780953293957 List Price: $19.95
Beginner's Upholstery Techniques by James, David ISBN: 9781861084958
Going Professional: A Woodworkers Guide by Jim Tolpin ISBN: 9780941936316 List Price: $14.95
Controlling Dust in the Workshop by Peters, Rick ISBN: 9780806936895 List Price: $14.95
How Do I Clean My Marble : A Complete Guide to Stone Maintenance by Magnuson, Russ, Hugstun, Fr... ISBN: 9781892690067 List Price: $12.95
Moving on A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home by Hetzer, Linda, Hulstrand, J... ISBN: 9781584793236 List Price: $15.95
How Clean Is Your House? Hundreds Of Handy Tips To Make Your Home Sparkle by MacKenzie, Aggie, Woodburn,... ISBN: 9780452286962 List Price: $15.00
Pool & Spa Planner by Unknown ISBN: 9780696216299 List Price: $14.95
Real Simple Cleaning by Squires, Kathleen, Buck, Mo... ISBN: 9781933821399 List Price: $21.95
Furniture for All Around the House by Barrett, Niall, Graves, Kim... ISBN: 9781561588534 List Price: $21.95
Complete Book of Home Inspection by Becker, Norman ISBN: 9780071391252 List Price: $19.95
Additions: Your Guide to Planning and Remodeling (Better Homes and Gardens) by Better Homes and Gardens, D... ISBN: 9780696206351 List Price: $12.95
Patterns and Projects for the Scroll Saw by Nelson, John A., Nelson, Jo... ISBN: 9780811730402 List Price: $14.95
Understanding Wood - R. Bruce Hoadley - Hardcover by Hoadley, R. Bruce, Frank, G... ISBN: 9780918804068
Simplified design of structural wood by Harry Parker ISBN: 9780471666301
Color Palette Primer A Guide To Choosing Ideal Color Combinations For Your Home by Eckstut, Joann, Beckman, Ma... ISBN: 9780767918879 List Price: $24.95
Builder's Guide to Room Additions by Jones, Jack P. ISBN: 9781572180314 List Price: $27.25
Tile Designs: More Than 100 Ready-to-Use Tiling Patterns by Adam, Leila ISBN: 9781554074853 List Price: $29.95
Cleaning Plain & Simple by Smallin, Donna ISBN: 9781580176071 List Price: $16.95
Teach Me to Do It Myself Montessori Activities for You and Your Child by Pitamic, Maja ISBN: 9780764127892 List Price: $16.99
Workbench A Complete Guide to Creating Your Perfect Bench by Schleining, Lon, O'Rourke, ... ISBN: 9781561585946 List Price: $34.95
Details in Contemporary Architecture by Killory, Christine, Davids,... ISBN: 9781568985763 List Price: $55.00
Dare to Repair A Do-It-Herself Guide to Fixing (Almost) Anything in the Home by Sussman, Julie, Glakas-Tene... ISBN: 9780060959845 List Price: $16.99
String Trimmer and Blower Service Manual Str-3 by Primedia Business Magazines... ISBN: 9780872886773 List Price: $31.95
Black and Decker Complete Guide to Decks by Marshall, Chris, Creative P... ISBN: 9781589234123 List Price: $24.99
Extraordinary Uses For Ordinary Things by Reader's Digest, Marilyn Bader ISBN: 9780762107056
Custom Slipcovers Made Easy 25 Weekend Projects to Dress Up Your Decor by Dubicki, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780896895188 List Price: $24.99
Black & Decker Complete Guide to Outdoor Carpentry: More than 40 Projects Including: Furnish... by Carey, Dan, Creative Publis... ISBN: 9781589234581 List Price: $24.99
A Career as a Chef (Essential Careers) by Susan Meyer ISBN: 9781448882366 List Price: $34.25
Eco Home by Phillips, Dan ISBN: 9781904760627
Home Economics Fourteen Essays by Berry, Wendell ISBN: 9780865472754 List Price: $16.00
Architecture: Residential Drawing and Design Workbook by Clois E. Kicklighter ISBN: 9781566371230 List Price: $13.28
Residential Windows A Guide to New Techonologies and Energy Performance by Carmody, John, Selkowitz, S... ISBN: 9780393732252 List Price: $35.00
Dan Sater's Luxury Home Plans Over 100 View-oriented Estate Homes by Sater Design Collection Sta... ISBN: 9781932553062 List Price: $16.95
Summerfolk A History of the Dacha, 1710-2000 by Lovell, Stephen ISBN: 9780801440717 List Price: $29.95
Woodwright's Apprentice Twenty Favorite Projects from the Woodwright's Shop by Underhill, Roy ISBN: 9780807846124 List Price: $27.95
Shopping for Furniture A Consumer's Guide by Lewin, Leonard Bruce ISBN: 9780941936873 List Price: $17.95
Planned Assaults: The Nofamily House, Love/House, Texas Zero - Lars Lerup - Hardcover by Lerup, Lars, Lambert, Phyll... ISBN: 9780262121231 List Price: $35.00
What No One Ever Tells You About Renovating Your Home by Heavens, Alan J. ISBN: 9781419501579 List Price: $18.95
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