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Many of us take a good night's sleep for granted. However thousands of people lay awake every night, struggling to get the rest they really need. You can buy used sleep and sleep disorders textbooks that will prove to be the best insight you can get into this affliction. Whenever you want to rent used sleep and sleep disorders textbooks you should think of Valore Books, because we provide rental terms as well. Look for Essentials of Polysomnography: A Training Guide and Reference for Sleep Technicians; Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine: Expert Consult - Online and Print; Atlas of Clinical Sleep Medicine; and The Neuroscience of Sleep. As you can see many of these text books for students go into a lot of detail, enabling you to learn more than you knew before. Don't struggle with your studies: buy cheap sleep and sleep disorders textbooks today and pay the cheapest prices too.

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The Sleep Rx: 75 Proven Ways to Get a Good Night's Sleep by Ford, Norman D. ISBN: 9780131439184
Sleep Disorders: Insomnia and Narcolepsy - Henry Kellerman - Hardcover by Kellerman, Henry ISBN: 9780876302644 List Price: $25.00
Sleep Well, Sleep Deep How Sleeping Well Can Change Your Life by Lukeman, Alex ISBN: 9780871319418 List Price: $14.95
Phantom of the Night Overcoming Sleep Apnea Syndrome and Snoring-Win You Hidden Struggle to ... by Johnson, T. Scott, Halberst... ISBN: 9781882431021 List Price: $29.95
No More Snoring A Proven Program to Conquer Snoring and Sleep Apnea by Hoffstein, Victor, Linde, S... ISBN: 9780471243755 List Price: $15.95
Neural Control of Sleep and Waking by Siegel, Jerome H. ISBN: 9780387954929 List Price: $54.95
Insomnia A Cultural History by Summers-Bremner, Eluned ISBN: 9781861893178 List Price: $29.95
Control of Breathing During Sleep and Anesthesia by Karczewski, W. A. ISBN: 9780306429934 List Price: $138.00
Art Of The Nap by Griffey, Harriet ISBN: 9781840726220 List Price: $12.95
Breathe, Sweep, and Sleep : A Different Approach for Relieving Insomnia by Rewick, Robert T. ISBN: 9781450061933 List Price: $24.99
Primary Care Sleep Medicine : A Practical Guide by Pagel, J. F., Pandi-Perumal... ISBN: 9781617378713
Sleep Well Again : *Fall Asleep Quickly *Stay Asleep *Wake up Refreshed by Morrone, Lisa ISBN: 9780736927031 List Price: $11.99
The Politics of Sleep: Governing (Un)consciousness in the Late Modern Age by Williams, Simon J. ISBN: 9780230223660 List Price: $85.00
Sleep Tight: Sleep well tonight and every night by Brunton, James ISBN: 9781456300906 List Price: $19.95
New Frontiers in Lifestyle-Related Diseases by Miyazaki, Akira, Imawari, M... ISBN: 9784431998396 List Price: $79.95
Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep and Sleep Deprivation (Faq: Teen Life) by Peterson, Judy Monroe ISBN: 9781435835122 List Price: $29.25
Sleep to Be Sexy, Smart, and Slim by Michaud, Ellen, Esther, Mar... ISBN: 9780762109319
Biological Rhythms, Sleep and Hypnosis (Palgrave Insights in Psychology) by Green, Simon R. ISBN: 9780230252653 List Price: $16.00
Functions of Sleep by Hartmann, Ernest L. ISBN: 9780300017007 List Price: $14.50
Restless Nights Understanding Snoring and Sleep Apnea by Lavie, Peretz ISBN: 9780300085440 List Price: $30.00
Sleep and Breathing by Saunders, Nicholas A., Sull... ISBN: 9780824770648 List Price: $155.00
Sleep and Its Disorders What You Should Know by Hooper, Robert ISBN: 9780970002648 List Price: $14.95
Sleep Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment by Poceta, J. Steven, Mitler, ... ISBN: 9780896035270 List Price: $94.50
Snoring from A to ZZzz Proven Cures for the Night's Worst Nuisance by Lipman, Derek S. ISBN: 9780965070805 List Price: $24.95
Sleep The Mysteries, the Problems, and the Solutions by Schenck, Carlos H. ISBN: 9781583332702 List Price: $24.95
Change Your Life Without Getting Out of Bed The Ultimate Nap Book by SARK Staff, SARK ISBN: 9780684859309 List Price: $12.00
Sleep Thieves by Coren, Stanley ISBN: 9780684823041 List Price: $19.95
Melatonin: Nature's Sleeping Pill by Sahelian, Ray ISBN: 9780895297754 List Price: $9.95
Woman's Book of Sleep A Complete Resource Guide by Wolfson, Amy R., Lee, Kathr... ISBN: 9781572242494 List Price: $16.95
El sueo reparador by Chopra, Deepak ISBN: 9788466632997
Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems by Stores, Gregory ISBN: 9780199560837 List Price: $19.95
My Sleep Apnea Experience by Cano, Albert ISBN: 9781608366415 List Price: $16.95
Sleep Related Breathing Disorders by Zwick, Hartmut ISBN: 9783211823767 List Price: $42.95
Sleep Deprivation : Stimulant Medications and Cognition by Wesensten, Nancy ISBN: 9781107004092 List Price: $110.00
Neuroimmunology of Sleep by Pandi-Perumal, S. R., Cardi... ISBN: 9781441943408 List Price: $159.00
Breathe, Sweep, and Sleep : A Different Approach for Relieving Insomnia by Rewick, Robert T. ISBN: 9781450061926 List Price: $15.99
I Need Some Sleep! : Finding Insomnia Relief and Learning Remedies for Treating Insomnia by Wexler, Gabrielle ISBN: 9781453668702 List Price: $15.95
Nocturia: Causes, Consequences and Clinical Approaches by Weiss, , FACS, FACS, Jeffr... ISBN: 9781461411550 List Price: $139.00
How to Sleep Like a Bear Putting Insomnia to Bed by Boland, Dara ISBN: 9780890879757 List Price: $10.95
How to Sleep Like a Baby, Wake Up Refreshed, and Get More Out of Life by Hales, Dianne R. ISBN: 9780345338259 List Price: $15.00
How to Overcome Snoring With Warm Fuzzies in Recovery and Ecstasy by Duskis, Ronald Alan ISBN: 9780595004737 List Price: $12.95
Goodbye Insomnia, Hello Sleep by Dunkell, Samuel ISBN: 9781559722476 List Price: $18.95
Sleep Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment (Current Clinical Practice) by Poceta, J. Steven, Mitler, ... ISBN: 9781617370632 List Price: $94.50
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