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Reconciliation Act of 2010, Report of the Committee on the Budget, House of Representatives,... by House (U.S.), Committee on ... ISBN: 9780160854309 List Price: $69.00
Setting Limits Fairly : Learning to Share Resources for Health by Daniels, Norman, Sabin, Jam... ISBN: 9780195325942
derecho a la Salud : La lucha en busca de un Ideal by Rosselló, Pedro, Lorenzo, M... ISBN: 9780982323014
Constitutionalizing Universal Public Healthcare in Canada: Integrating Quality-Of-Life Consi... by Samuels, Raymond, II ISBN: 9781894839150 List Price: $134.95
Health Care Crisis in America by Ropes, Linda B. ISBN: 9780874366167 List Price: $39.50
Women's Health New Frontiers in Advocacy & Social Justice Research by Cartwright, Elizabeth, Allo... ISBN: 9780789033314 List Price: $14.00
Health Care and the Ethics of Encounter A Jewish Discussion of Social Justice by Zoloth-Dorfman, Laurie ISBN: 9780807824184 List Price: $55.00
Understanding Antitrust Issues in Health Care : Leading Lawyers on Analyzing the Impact of H... by Aspatore Books Staff ISBN: 9780314268273 List Price: $100.00
National Health Insurance in Taiwan Research in Human Capital and Development by Morlock, Laura, Sorkin, Alan ISBN: 9780762313853 List Price: $99.95
With Justice for All by Catholic Health Association... ISBN: 9780871252029 List Price: $10.00
Medical Tips From the Inside...Things You Need To Know by Raya, Patricia, Mogenis, Co... ISBN: 9781873413395
Antidiscrimination in Health Care Community Eatings & Preexisting Conditions. by Epstein, Richard A. ISBN: 9780945999454 List Price: $5.95
Rational Option For a National Health Program by Canham-Clyne, John, Woolhan... ISBN: 9780963058720 List Price: $17.95
Rational Option for a National Health Program For a National Health Program by Canham-Clyne, John, Woolhan... ISBN: 9780963058713 List Price: $9.95
Need for Healthcare by Sheaff, Rod ISBN: 9780415101127 List Price: $39.95
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