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Responsible National Health Insurance by Pauly, Mark V., Danzon, Fel... ISBN: 9780844770147 List Price: $9.75
Health Care and the Ethics of Encounter A Jewish Discussion of Social Justice by Zoloth-Dorfman, Laurie ISBN: 9780807824184 List Price: $55.00
How to Get Out of the Hospital Alive A Guide to Patient Power by Blau, Sheldon P. ISBN: 9780785812098 List Price: $21.95
Cost of Living Longer by Davidson, Stephen M., Marmo... ISBN: 9780669032420 List Price: $24.50
Medical Tips From the Inside...Things You Need To Know by Raya, Patricia, Mogenis, Co... ISBN: 9781873413395
Health and Human Rights (The International Library of Medicine, Ethics and Law) by Rebecca J. Cook and Charles... ISBN: 9780754626183 List Price: $375.00
Economic Support for National Health for All Strategies by WHO Staff ISBN: 9789241561228 List Price: $23.00
Social Determinants Approaches to Public Health: From Concept to Practice by Blas, E., Sommerfeld, J., S... ISBN: 9789241564137 List Price: $40.00
International Health Law And Ethics: Basic Documents by Unknown ISBN: 9789046602591 List Price: $50.00
Mental Health Legislation and Human Rights (Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package) by World Health Organization S... ISBN: 9789241545952 List Price: $18.00
Antidiscrimination in Health Care Community Eatings & Preexisting Conditions. by Epstein, Richard A. ISBN: 9780945999454 List Price: $5.95
Health Security ACT Section-By-Section Analysis by Unknown ISBN: 9780160430107
Health Care Reform : Chairman's Mark by Unknown ISBN: 9780160439247
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