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When you buy used foreign language study textbooks you can make the most of your college studies. We supply pre-owned text books in many formats and editions, so you can look for books on all manner of different languages. These include African languages, ancient languages, Chinese, Creole languages, Dutch, and English as a second language. When you have a small budget to work with you want to be sure you can get the most from every cent you have. This is easy to do when you buy cheap foreign language study textbooks courtesy of Valore Books. With our help you can make your budget go a lot further than it ever did before. We can provide discounted deals you will absolutely love and give you all the best prices on the pre-owned books you find here. We buy back foreign language study books too, so we really do have it all.

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Die Deutsche Substantivgruppe und Die Attribuierungskomplikation by Schmidt, Jürgen Erich ISBN: 9783484311381
Phonologisches Wörterbuch der Deutschen Sprache by Muthmann, Gustav ISBN: 9783484311633
Perspektiven der Pädagogischen Lexikographie des Deutschen by Wiegand, Herbert Ernst ISBN: 9783484309869
Einführung in Die Dependenzgrammatik by Tarvainen, Kalevi ISBN: 9783484310353
Sprache in Baden-Württemberg : Merkmale Des Regionalen Standards by Spiekermann, Helmut ISBN: 9783484305267
Regionalspezifische Intonationsverläufe Im Kolnischen by Bergmann, Pia ISBN: 9783484305250
Dictionaire Critique de la Langue Française (1787) by Féraud, Jean-François ISBN: 9783484309517
Zur Verbmorphologie Germanischer Sprachen by Watts, Sheila, West, Jonath... ISBN: 9783484304468
Kognitive Romanische Onomasiologie und Semasiologie by Blank, Andreas, Koch, Peter ISBN: 9783484304673
Zur Korrelativen Subordination Im Deutschen by Zitterbart, Jussara Paranhos ISBN: 9783484304642
Reanalyse und Grammatikalisierung in Den Romanischen Sprachen by Lang, Jürgen, Neumann-Holzs... ISBN: 9783484304109
Skandinavische Schriftsysteme Im Vergleich by Lindqvist, Christer ISBN: 9783484304307
Silbenschnitt in Deutschen Dialekten by Spiekermann, Helmut ISBN: 9783484304253
Über Gewisse Fälle Von Assoziation MIT Fokus by Geilfuss-Wolfgang, Jochen ISBN: 9783484303584
Problems in Scottish English Phonology by Kaminska, Tatiana Ewa ISBN: 9783484303287
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