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When you buy used foreign language study textbooks you can make the most of your college studies. We supply pre-owned text books in many formats and editions, so you can look for books on all manner of different languages. These include African languages, ancient languages, Chinese, Creole languages, Dutch, and English as a second language. When you have a small budget to work with you want to be sure you can get the most from every cent you have. This is easy to do when you buy cheap foreign language study textbooks courtesy of Valore Books. With our help you can make your budget go a lot further than it ever did before. We can provide discounted deals you will absolutely love and give you all the best prices on the pre-owned books you find here. We buy back foreign language study books too, so we really do have it all.

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Easy French Reader W/CD-ROM by Sales, R. ISBN: 9780071603423 List Price: $17.95
Heritages francophones: Enquetes interculturelles by Nielsen, Julianna, Redonnet... ISBN: 9780300125450 List Price: $65.00
Interchange Intro by Richards, Jack C., Lesley, Tay ISBN: 9780521601580 List Price: $42.00
Breaking the Spanish Barrier Level II (Intermediate) by Conner, John ISBN: 9780971281783 List Price: $32.50
Modern Welsh A Comprehensive Grammar by King, Gareth ISBN: 9780415092685 List Price: $150.00
Learn to Read Greek: Part 2, Textbook and Workbook Set by Andrew Keller, Stephanie Ru... ISBN: 9780300167726 List Price: $65.00
Spoken Arabic by Ashiurakis, A. M. ISBN: 9781850770909
Intermediate College Korean Taehak Hangugo Chunggup by You, Clare, Cho, Eunsu ISBN: 9780520222953 List Price: $35.95
Essence Korean-English Dictionary Deluxe American by Minjung's Editorial Staff, ... ISBN: 9781565911284 List Price: $132.50
Grammar of Old English by Hogg, Richard M. ISBN: 9780631136712 List Price: $124.95
Intermediate Turkish: DVD-ROM (Critical Languages Series) by Jessica Tiregol ISBN: 9781929986088 List Price: $79.95
Arabic An Essential Grammar by Abu-Chacra, Faruk ISBN: 9780415415729 List Price: $120.00
Working Mandarin for Beginners by Zhou, Yi, Gerber, M. Lynne ISBN: 9781589011373 List Price: $64.95
Learning Greek With Plato by Beetham, Frank ISBN: 9781904675563 List Price: $38.95
Cho Ban! An Introduction to Vietnamese by Tran, Tri C., Tran, Minh-Tam ISBN: 9780761837367 List Price: $39.95
English for Academic Purposes An Advanced Resource Book by Hyland, Ken ISBN: 9780415358705 List Price: $39.95
Y No Se Lo Trago LA Tierra/and the Earth Did Not Devour Him by Rivera, Tomás, Vigil, Evang... ISBN: 9781558850835 List Price: $12.95
Let's Talk 1 by Jones, Leo ISBN: 9780521692816 List Price: $25.00
Primer For Advanced Beginners Of Chinese Simplified Character Version by Li, Duanduan, Liu, Ruinian,... ISBN: 9780231135672 List Price: $48.00
French Grammar (Quickstudy: Academic) by Inc. BarCharts ISBN: 9781572225282 List Price: $6.95
Concise Amharic Dictionary Amharic-English, English-Amharic by Leslau, Wolf ISBN: 9780520205017 List Price: $40.00
Learn to Read Greek : Textbook, Part 1 by Keller, Andrew, Russell, St... ISBN: 9780300115895 List Price: $45.00
IB Course Companion: French B by Trumper, Christine, Israel,... ISBN: 9780199127399 List Price: $42.00
Maori by Bauer, Winifred ISBN: 9780415022545 List Price: $210.00
Ancient Languages of Syria-Palestine and Arabia by Woodard, Roger D. ISBN: 9780521684989 List Price: $48.00
Task-based Language Teaching by Nunan, David, Swan, Michael ISBN: 9780521549479 List Price: $39.00
Wheelock's Latin by Wheelock, Frederic M., LaFl... ISBN: 9780060784232 List Price: $29.99
Basic Course in Gulf Arabic - Hamdi A. Qafisheh - Paperback by Qafisheh, Hamdi A. ISBN: 9780816504831 List Price: $25.95
PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards by an augmentation of the WIDA... ISBN: 9781931185318 List Price: $33.95
Latin for the New Millenium by Minkova, Milena, Tunberg, T... ISBN: 9780865165618 List Price: $22.00
Lonely Planet Moroccan Arabic Phrasebook by Bacon, Dan ISBN: 9780864420718 List Price: $3.95
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