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When you need to learn a foreign language it certainly helps to get all the support you can. Why not let Valore Books in on the action too, so you can enjoy the cheapest and best array of text books to help you at college? Buy used Norwegian textbooks from this page and look forward to getting the support you need. Our book collection includes Norwegian English Dictionary; Complete Norwegian with Two Audio CDs: A Teach Yourself Guide; Colloquial Norwegian: A Complete Language Course; and Norwegian Phrase Book and Dictionary. Whenever you want some further input with your studies, being able to buy or rent cheap Norwegian textbooks can certainly help. By spending just a few dollars or even cents you can get a wider view of the subject and make the learning process even easier. You can even sell your Norwegian books back if it suits you, so consider this as well.

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Say It in Norwegian by Abrahamsen, Samuel ISBN: 9780883076354 List Price: $8.50
Norwegian, Norsk for Utlendinger by Ase-Berit, Strandskogen, Rolf ISBN: 9780884325550 List Price: $25.95
Norwegian Norsk for Utlendinger Volume 2 Cassette/Book Course by Unknown ISBN: 9780884323921 List Price: $115.00
Engelsk Norsk Ordbok / English - Norwegian Dictionary by Kirkeby, Willy A. ISBN: 9780785936756 List Price: $195.00
Berlitz Norwegian-English, English-Norwegian Pocket Dictionary by Berlitz Editors ISBN: 9780029643808 List Price: $4.95
Norwegian Travel Pack (Hugo) by Hopkins, Ragne ISBN: 9780852851807 List Price: $14.95
English-Norwegian Norwegian-English Pocket Dictionary by Gabrielsen ISBN: 9780882545844 List Price: $11.95
Talk More Norwegian by Euro Talk ISBN: 9781600772351 List Price: $29.99
Vocabulary Builder Norwegian by Euro Talk ISBN: 9781843527114 List Price: $24.99
World Talk Norwegian by Euro Talk ISBN: 9781843525110 List Price: $29.99
Learn Norwegian by Klouman, S. ISBN: 9788203158339 List Price: $49.50
Norwegian in 10 Minutes a Day by Kershul, Kristine K. ISBN: 9780916682910 List Price: $12.95
Langenscheidts Universal-Worterbucher: Norwegisch by Langenscheidt Editorial Staff ISBN: 9783468182419 List Price: $9.50
Learn Norwegian for English Speakers by Thimm, C. A., Hanssen, T. H. ISBN: 9780875570556 List Price: $20.95
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