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Are you learning English at college? If this isn't your first language you will undoubtedly benefit from using affordable and easy to use text books from our collection. Buy cheap English as a second language textbooks from Valore Books now and you can see just how easy it is to spend less when you know how. Our books vary from half price bargains to those that are available for just a few cents. Look out for 99 Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Learners With the SIOP Model; Techniques and Principles in Language Learning; Learner English: A Teacher's Guide to Interference and Other Problems; and New Directions: Readings, Writing and Critical Thinking. Whenever you need support from new text books you can rent used English as a second language textbooks from us at the cheapest possible prices. We buy back English as a second language books too, so never discount the idea to sell back.

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Cambridge English Worldwide Teacher's book 5, Vol. 5 - Andrew Littlejohn - Paperback by Littlejohn, Andrew, Hicks, ... ISBN: 9780521783835 List Price: $23.10
Mensajes 4 Libro Del Profesor by Sans, Neus, Miguel, Lourdes ISBN: 9788483232323
New Ways to Go Teacher's Resource File 3 by Ur, Penny, Hancock, Mark ISBN: 9788483232866
Learning to Listen in English, Vol. 4 - Virginia Nelson by Nelson, Virginia, Nelson, V... ISBN: 9780844206899
Feedback in Second Language Writing Contexts and Issues by Hyland, Ken, Hyland, Fiona,... ISBN: 9780521856638 List Price: $89.00
New Interchange English for International Communication by Richards, Jack C. ISBN: 9780521773812 List Price: $26.00
Stimulus: A First Reader/Workbook in English by Saitz, Robert L., Stieglitz... ISBN: 9780316767026
Challenge: A First Reader/Workbook in English by Saitz, Robert L., Stieglitz... ISBN: 9780876261248
Interactions II by Werner, Patricia K., Church... ISBN: 9780394337050
Side by Side Picture Cards by Molinsky, Steven J., Bliss,... ISBN: 9780130270054 List Price: $133.00
Tests: Tests 1 (New Person to Person) by Richards, Jack C. ISBN: 9780194352888 List Price: $35.95
English Language Teaching : Language in Action by Hall, Graham ISBN: 9780415584159
The More-Than-Just-Surviving Handbook: ESL for Every Classroom Teacher by Barbara Law, Mary L. Eckes ISBN: 9781894110532 List Price: $32.00
Reading, Writing And Learning In Esl A Resource Book For K-12 Teachers- Mylabschool by Peregoy, Suzanne F., Boyle,... ISBN: 9780205449231 List Price: $69.60
Touchstone Level 3 Student's Book by McCarthy, Michael, McCarten... ISBN: 9780521665995 List Price: $26.00
CliffsTestPrep ELM & EPT by Bobrow, Jerry, Eggensehwile... ISBN: 9780471786788 List Price: $21.99
The New Zealand File Level 2 Elementary/Lower-intermediate The New Zealand File (Cambridge E... by MacAndrew, Richard, Prowse,... ISBN: 9780521136242 List Price: $7.00
Let's Talk 1 by Jones, Leo ISBN: 9780521692823 List Price: $31.00
Touchstone Level 2 Full Contact (with NTSC DVD) (No. 2) by Michael McCarthy, Jeanne Mc... ISBN: 9780521757409 List Price: $49.92
Interchange Student by Richards, Jack C., Hull, Jo... ISBN: 9780521602204 List Price: $14.00
Assessing Speaking by Luoma, Sari ISBN: 9780521804875 List Price: $41.00
From Corpus to Classroom Language Use and Language Teaching by McCarthy, Michael, Carter, ... ISBN: 9780521616867 List Price: $38.00
Touchstone Workbook 3 by McCarthy, Michael, McCarten... ISBN: 9780521665988 List Price: $15.00
Research Genres Explorations and Applications by Swales, John, Long, Michael... ISBN: 9780521533348 List Price: $42.00
Ingles Para Dummies / English For Dummies by Brenner, Gail ISBN: 9780764554278 List Price: $19.99
Ingles para Latinos with Audio CDs, Level 2 by Harvey M.S., William C. ISBN: 9780764195471 List Price: $24.99
Word by Word Picture Dictionary by Molinsky, Steven J., Bliss,... ISBN: 9780132782357 List Price: $18.60
Dirty Money by Leather, Sue ISBN: 9780521683340 List Price: $9.00
Story Squares: Fluency in English As a Second Language by Knowles, Phillip L., Sasaki... ISBN: 9780876268278
Writers at Work: The Short Composition Student's Book by Ann O. Strauch ISBN: 9780521544962 List Price: $37.75
Passages 2 Student's Book with Audio CD/CD-ROM by Richards, Jack C., Sandy, C... ISBN: 9780521683913 List Price: $26.00
The Language-rich Classroom: A Research-based Framework for Teaching English Language Learners by Himmele, PĂ©rsida, Himmele, ... ISBN: 9781416608417 List Price: $27.95
Practical Guide to Assessing English Language Learners by Folse, Keith S., Coombe, Ch... ISBN: 9780472032013 List Price: $28.50
Future: English for Results by Nishio, Yvonne Wong, Frenke... ISBN: 9780131991569 List Price: $26.00
Nitty Gritty Grammar Book Sentence Essentials for Writers by Young, A. Robert, Strauch, ... ISBN: 9780521606547 List Price: $35.00
Analysing Learner Language by Ellis, Rod, Barkhuizen, Gary ISBN: 9780194316347 List Price: $42.44
About Language Tasks for Teachers of English by Thornbury, Scott, Williams,... ISBN: 9780521427203 List Price: $34.00
Assessing Young Language Learners by McKay, Penny ISBN: 9780521601238 List Price: $39.00
Chicken Smells Good Dialogs & Stories by Pickett, William ISBN: 9780135762165 List Price: $20.40
Language Teacher Supervision A Case-based Approach by Bailey, Kathleen M. ISBN: 9780521547451 List Price: $34.00
Cambridge Grammar for Ielts With Answers Self-study Grammer Reference and Practice by Hopkins, Diane, Cullen, Pau... ISBN: 9780521604628 List Price: $35.00
Oxford Picture Dictionary: Classic Classroom Activities by Adelson-Goldstein, Jayme, W... ISBN: 9780194740234 List Price: $41.19
From Teacher to Manager: Managing Language Teaching Organizations by White, Ron, Hockley, Andrew... ISBN: 9780521709095 List Price: $36.00
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