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We all need relationships of love and affection to help us through the different ups and downs of life. Whether it is the simple joys or big achievements in life, or the disappointments or tragedies, such emotions and feelings require understanding and sharing; it is not only a human desire, but a human need, which is why readers can find so many books on the subject. Many family and relationships books focus on the significance and need for better understanding in various relationships. At Valore Books, you can find many books that cover a wide range of emotional, psychological and other needs that relationships demand, and also tips on how to make these bonds stronger. Furthermore, there are interesting books by authors who relate their own experiences.

Because there is not a single person on earth that can truthfully claim to be unfamiliar with emotions of affection, or of not having a close relationship, these books cater to all. They cover a wide range of emotions, psychology, challenges and difficulties that we may encounter at different stages of our life. Moreover, family and relationship books often focus on the distinct challenges of every relationship, discussing the ugly turns relationships may take and ways of coping with them

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You're Going to Love This Kid! 2e by Kluth, Paula, Marcus, Eugene ISBN: 9781598570793 List Price: $34.95
Bedside Dysmorphologist by Reardon, William ISBN: 9780195300451 List Price: $65.00
Diagnostic Imaging Of Child Abuse, 2e by Paul K. Kleinman MD ISBN: 9780815151395 List Price: $145.00
Child Abuse: Medical Diagnosis and Management by Reece, Robert M., Christian... ISBN: 9781581102086 List Price: $114.95
Treatise on the Family by Becker, Gary Stanley ISBN: 9780674906990 List Price: $39.00
Parenting Skills Homework Planner by Knapp, Sarah Edison ISBN: 9780471481829 List Price: $55.00
Development in Infancy: An Introduction by Bornstein, Marc H., Lamb, M... ISBN: 9780805863635 List Price: $75.00
Lost Boy A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family by Pelzer, Dave ISBN: 9781558745155 List Price: $12.95
Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by Gottman, John, Silver, Nan ISBN: 9780609805794 List Price: $15.00
Medical Child Abuse: Beyond Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy by Roesler, Thomas A., Jenny, ... ISBN: 9781581101362 List Price: $99.95
Sexual Abuse Victim and Sexual Offender Treatment Planner by Budrionis, Rita, Jongsma, A... ISBN: 9780471219798 List Price: $55.00
Hale and Hartmann's Textbook of Human Lactation by Hale, Thomas W., Hartmann, ... ISBN: 9780977226894 List Price: $89.95
Your Guide to Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships by Hall, Nadia, Kulkarni, Chay... ISBN: 9781557669070 List Price: $49.95
Teaching Geography by Gersmehl, Phil, Solem, Michael ISBN: 9781593857158 List Price: $45.00
1-2-3 Magic Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 by Phelan, Thomas W. ISBN: 9781889140162 List Price: $14.95
Neural Plasticity and Cognitive Development: Insights from Children with Perinatal Brain Injury by Joan Stiles, Judy S. Reilly... ISBN: 9780195389944 List Price: $79.99
Core Curriculum For Lactation Consultant Practice by International Lactation Con... ISBN: 9780763798796 List Price: $102.95
Handbook of Divorce And Relationship Dissolution by Fine, Mark A., Fine, Mark A... ISBN: 9780805859058 List Price: $90.00
Lifespan Perspectives on the Family and Disability by Judy O. Berry ISBN: 9781416403791 List Price: $76.00
Childhood Sexual Abuse An Evidence Based Perspective by Fergusson, David M., Mullen... ISBN: 9780761911371 List Price: $67.95
Skeletal Atlas of Child Abuse (Springer's Forensic Laboratory Science Series) by Love, Jennifer C., Derrick,... ISBN: 9781617792151 List Price: $189.00
Understanding Youth: Adolescent Development for Educators by Michael J. Nakkula, Eric To... ISBN: 9781891792311 List Price: $29.95
Therapeutic Stories that Teach and Heal by Nancy Davis ISBN: 9780965308816 List Price: $69.00
Treating the Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse A Psychoanalytic Perspective by Davies, Jody M., Frawley, M... ISBN: 9780465066339 List Price: $52.00
Families and Family Therapy by Minuchin, Salvador ISBN: 9780674292369 List Price: $49.50
Fetal and Neonatal Brain Injury by Stevenson, David K., Benitz... ISBN: 9780521888592 List Price: $193.00
On Becoming Baby Wise Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep by Ezzo, Gary, Bucknam, Robert ISBN: 9781932740080 List Price: $13.95
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