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You can buy used education textbooks on a wide variety of topics when you try our website for size. Valore Books has many sub-topics within this subject alone, making it easier to home in on the very book you need. Look for items such as Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning; Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education; LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible; and The Dissertation Journey: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Writing and Defending Your Dissertation. With these books available for you to read and learn from, you can see why Valore Books is a top choice for many people who are looking for great deals. Discounted books can be your way to spending less of your budget every time you buy cheap education textbooks online. Learn more in less time and with the right books, and you'll be surprised how much more you can achieve at college.

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Meeting Individual Needs in Reading by International Reading Assoc... ISBN: 9780598211552 List Price: $48.70
Diagnosis and Treatment of the Disabled Reader [by] Homer L. J. Carter [&] Dorothy J. Mcginnis by Carter, Homer L. J. ISBN: 9780598211613 List Price: $117.80
Reading and Revolution : The Role of Reading in Today's Society. Prepared by the Joint Commi... by International Reading Assoc... ISBN: 9780598211606 List Price: $30.00
Reading : A Human Right and a Human Problem by World Congress on Reading S... ISBN: 9780598211590 List Price: $60.50
School Finance Campaign Handbook for Education Associations by National Education Associat... ISBN: 9780598211668 List Price: $30.00
Educational Television on Demand : An Evaluation of the Ottawa IRTV Experiment by McLauglin, G. Harry ISBN: 9780598210753 List Price: $54.90
Instructors in the Ontario Manpower Retraining Program : Qualifications, Experience and Prof... by Shorey, Leonard Ludwig ISBN: 9780598210784 List Price: $30.00
Paper and Symposia Abstracts : AERA Annual Meeting by American Education Research... ISBN: 9780598210722 List Price: $59.30
Encyclopedia of Educational Research : A Project of the American Educational Research Associ... by Encyclopedia of Educational... ISBN: 9780598210739 List Price: $200.00
Mathematical Model for an Educational System by McReynolds, William Peter ISBN: 9780598210845 List Price: $62.00
Means and Ends in Education : Comments of Living and Learning by Crittenden, Brian S., Critt... ISBN: 9780598210852 List Price: $39.70
Measurement and Evaluation : Two Seminars by Ontario Institute for Studi... ISBN: 9780598210869 List Price: $42.50
Learning to Read : Insights for Educators by Strang, Ruth May, McInnes, ... ISBN: 9780598210821 List Price: $30.00
Teacher Education in Prince Edward Island by Brehaut, Willard ISBN: 9780598210609 List Price: $30.00
Student Transportation : Comparing Alternative Methods of Providing the Service by Elwood, Bryan C. ISBN: 9780598210593 List Price: $30.00
Schools in Change : A Comparative Survey of Elementary School Services, Facilities, and Pers... by Humphreys, Edward H. ISBN: 9780598210562 List Price: $30.00
Student and the System : Proceedings of the Conference Sponsored by the Graduate Student's A... by Rusk, Bruce, Rusk, Bruce, H... ISBN: 9780598210586 List Price: $30.00
World of the Child. the Child Explores His Own World in Paul Park's Early School Environment... by Ontario Institute for Studi... ISBN: 9780598210630 List Price: $30.00
Developing School Systems : Planning, Organization, and Personnel by Ontario Institute for Studi... ISBN: 9780598210654 List Price: $58.60
Computerized System for School Bus Routing [by] G. S. Tracz [&] M. J. Norman by Tracz, G. S. ISBN: 9780598211095 List Price: $30.00
Concerning the Growth of Provincial Expenditure on Education in Ontario, 1938-1966 [by] Chri... by Selby-Smith, Christopher ISBN: 9780598211101 List Price: $30.00
Ontario Secondary School Enrollment Projections to 1981 : 82 by Watson, Cicely ISBN: 9780598211170 List Price: $41.90
Developing Language, by Ada Schermann, John Ryckman [&] Bonnie O'Donohue by Schermann, Ada ISBN: 9780598211149 List Price: $30.00
Psychology and Early Childhood Education : Papers Presented at the OISE Conference on Presch... by OISE Conference on Preschoo... ISBN: 9780598210906 List Price: $34.50
Problems in the Teaching of Young Children : Report of the Conference on Problems of Teachin... by Conference on Problems of T... ISBN: 9780598210890 List Price: $41.30
Present Trends and Future Developments in Education : A European Perspective by Husen, Torsten ISBN: 9780598210883 List Price: $30.00
Student Journalist : A Handbook for Staff and Advisor by Arnold, Edmund C. ISBN: 9780598212979 List Price: $119.10
Letters to Teachers, and Other Papers of the Hour by Alexander, Hartley Burr ISBN: 9780598212818 List Price: $81.00
German Education and Re-Education, by Susanne Charlotte Engelmann . . . with an Introduction... by Engelmann, Susanne Charlotte ISBN: 9780598211996 List Price: $45.60
Rescheduled School Year by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598212313 List Price: $30.00
Inquiry Report, Kanawha County, West Virginia : A Textbook Study in Cultural Conflict by Project on the Academically... ISBN: 9780598212306 List Price: $30.00
Teachers in Television and Other Media : Survey of Policies and Practices by Mikes, Donald F. ISBN: 9780598212276 List Price: $30.00
Television for World Understanding by Tyler, I. Keith ISBN: 9780598212269 List Price: $30.00
Resourceful University : The University of Wisconsin-Madison in Its 125th Year by Wisconsin University Staff ISBN: 9780598213808 List Price: $89.00
Cable Television : Franchise Provisions for Schools by National Education Associat... ISBN: 9780598213990 List Price: $30.00
Post-Primary Education and Political and Economic Development by Anderson, C. Arnold, Piper,... ISBN: 9780598213211 List Price: $77.50
James Alton James, a Short Biography by Loucks, Vernon R. ISBN: 9780598213303 List Price: $39.10
Junior College Reading Programs by Junior college reading prog... ISBN: 9780598215437 List Price: $30.00
In-Service Reading Programs for Elementary and Secondary Schools by In-service reading programs... ISBN: 9780598215444 List Price: $30.00
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