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Project Management Communications Bible by Dow, William, Taylor, Bruce ISBN: 9780470137406 List Price: $59.95
The SIM Guide to Enterprise Architecture by Kappelman, Leon ISBN: 9781439811139 List Price: $59.95
Guidelines for Enterprise-Wide GUI Design Single User by Susan Weinschenk ISBN: 9780471126331 List Price: $65.00
Strategic Information Systems Management by Grant, Kevin, Edgar, David,... ISBN: 9781408007938 List Price: $79.99
Executive Guide to Preventing Information Technology Disasters by Ennals, Richard, Molyneaux,... ISBN: 9783540199281 List Price: $42.95
Management Information Systems Managing the Digital Firm by Laudon, Kenneth C., Laudon,... ISBN: 9780132304610 List Price: $153.33
Far from the Factory : Lean for the Information Age by Larsson, Linus, Gonzalez-Ri... ISBN: 9781420094565
Information Management: Support Systems & Multimedia Technology by Unknown ISBN: 9781931777414 List Price: $59.95
Business Process Management Workshops: BPM 2009 International Workshops, Ulm, Germany, Septe... by Rinderle-Ma, Stefanie, Sadi... ISBN: 9783642121852 List Price: $131.00
Developing E-Business Systems & Architectures A Manager's Guide by Harmon, Paul, Rosen-Ayalon,... ISBN: 9781558606654 List Price: $42.95
Business of Systems Integration by Prencipe, Andrea, Davies, A... ISBN: 9780199263233 List Price: $70.00
SOA Governance: Achieving and Sustaining Business and IT Agility by William A. Brown, Robert La... ISBN: 9780137147465 List Price: $54.99
Securing SCADA Systems by Krutz, Ronald L. ISBN: 9780764597879 List Price: $45.00
Business Process Engineering Reference Models for Industrial Enterprises by Scheer, August-Wilhelm ISBN: 9780387582344 List Price: $99.95
Workflow Management Models, Methods, and Systems by Van der Aalst, Wil, Van Hee... ISBN: 9780262011891 List Price: $42.00
Information Systems Strategic Management An Integrated Approach by Clarke, Steve ISBN: 9780415202787 List Price: $43.95
The Information Systems Research Challenge: Qualitative Research Methods (Harvard Business S... by Cash, James I., Jr., Lawren... ISBN: 9780875842301 List Price: $29.95
Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems 2 by Xu, Li D., Tjoa, A. Min, Ch... ISBN: 9780387763118 List Price: $269.00
Handbook of Enterprise Systems Architecture in Practice by Saha, Pallab ISBN: 9781599041896 List Price: $165.00
Systems, Experts, and Computers: The Systems Approach in Management and Engineering, World W... by Hughes, Agatha C., Hughes, ... ISBN: 9780262516044 List Price: $33.00
Dpl 4.0 Professional Decision Analysis Software Academic Version by Unknown ISBN: 9780534353681 List Price: $133.95
Performance and Dependability in Service Computing: Concepts, Techniques and Research Direct... by Cardellini, Valeria, Casali... ISBN: 9781609607944 List Price: $195.00
2007 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse & Integration by IEEE Staff ISBN: 9781424414994 List Price: $286.00
Leveraging Knowledge for Innovation in Collaborative Networks: 10th IFIP WG 5.5 Working Conf... by Camarinha-Matos, Luis M., P... ISBN: 9783642045677 List Price: $252.00
Technologies for Business Information Systems by Abramowicz, Witold, Mayr, H... ISBN: 9789048174157 List Price: $149.00
Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems : IFIP TC 8 International Co... by Tjoa, A. Min, Xu, Li, Chaud... ISBN: 9781441941749 List Price: $249.00
Information Systems Project Management: Methods, Tools and Techniques by John McManus; Trevor Wood-H... ISBN: 9780273646990 List Price: $92.50
Scada Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition by Boyer, Stuart A. ISBN: 9781556178771 List Price: $89.00
Internet-Based Organizational Memory and Knowledge Management by Schwartz, David G., Divitin... ISBN: 9781878289827 List Price: $119.95
Pictorial Information Systems by Chang, S. K., Fu, K. S. ISBN: 9783540097570 List Price: $28.00
Information Management F/Intelligent Organization: (Asis Monograph Series) by Chun Wei Choo, Choo ISBN: 9781573870573 List Price: $49.50
Microsoft Dynamics Crm 4 for Dummies by Scott, Joel, Lee, David, We... ISBN: 9780470343258 List Price: $24.99
Management Information and Decision Support Systems in Libraries by Brophy, Peter ISBN: 9780566035517 List Price: $54.95
Wiley CIA Exam Review Focus Notes: Business Analysis and Information Technology by Vallabhaneni, S. Rao ISBN: 9780470277089 List Price: $36.95
Management Information Systems by Bocchino, William A. ISBN: 9780135486931
Managing Management Information by Eindor, Phillip, Segev, Eli ISBN: 9780669016420
Computer Application in Management : The Asian Scene by Moriguchi, Shigeichi, Asian... ISBN: 9789283314059 List Price: $10.00
Managing Global Information Technology Strategies and Challenges by Palvia, Prashant, Palvia, S... ISBN: 9780964838246 List Price: $182.48
Hospitality Information Systems and E-Commerce by Dana V. Tesone ISBN: 9780471478492
Business Dashboards: A Visual Catalog for Design and Deployment by Rasmussen, Nils H., Bansal,... ISBN: 9780470413470 List Price: $90.00
Business Modeling: A Practical Guide to Realizing Business Value by Bridgeland, David M., Zahav... ISBN: 9780123741516 List Price: $57.95
Principles of the Business Rule Approach by Ross, Ronald G. ISBN: 9780201788938 List Price: $39.99
Business Process Management Systems Strategy And Implementation by Chang, James ISBN: 9780849323102 List Price: $79.95
Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm by Laudon, Kenneth C., Laudon,... ISBN: 9780130330666 List Price: $87.50
Decision Support Systems by Janakiraman, V. S., Sarukes... ISBN: 9788120314443 List Price: $11.00
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