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We have literally hundreds of thousands of amazing text books on this topic, all divided into separate sub-topics for your convenience. You can buy business and economics textbooks online from today onwards, now you have found our affordable collection. Look out for books such as Fundamentals of Human Resource Management; Global Business Today; Principles of Marketing; and Essentials of Investments. With plenty of sub-topics to dip into, such as economic history and corporate finance, there is no easier way to buy used business and economics textbooks whenever you need them. Remember you also have the opportunity to sell your business and economics books back if you so desire. Here at Valore Books we offer everything you could want for college. When you discover how easy it is to locate and buy these books, not to mention have them delivered to your door, you can see why so many students buy from us.

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Macroeconomics (8th Edition) by Andrew B. Abel, Ben Bernank... ISBN: 9780132992282 List Price: $257.60
Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts 8th Edition by Thomas Edmonds, Frances McN... ISBN: 9780078025365
Intermediate Accounting by J. David Spiceland, James S... ISBN: 9780078025327
Macroeconomics (5th Edition) by Stephen D. Williamson ISBN: 9780132991339 List Price: $257.60
Entrepreneurship by Robert Hisrich, Michael Pet... ISBN: 9780078029196
Strengths Finder 2.0 by Rath, Tom ISBN: 9781595620156 List Price: $24.95
Consumer Behavior (10th Edition) by Michael R. Solomon ISBN: 9780132671842 List Price: $228.60
Managing and Using Information System by Keri E. Pearlson, Carol S. ... ISBN: 9781118281734
Better Business (3rd Edition) by Michael R. Solomon, Mary An... ISBN: 9780133059045 List Price: $169.20
Equity Valuation and Analysis w/eVal by Russell Lundholm, Richard S... ISBN: 9780073526898
Management Principles For Health Professionals by Joan Gratto Liebler, Charle... ISBN: 9781449614683 List Price: $102.95
Practical Business Math Procedures by Jeffrey Slater, Sharon M. W... ISBN: 9780073377544
Excellence in Business Communication (10th Edition) by John V. Thill, Courtland V.... ISBN: 9780132719049 List Price: $186.80
Economics (11th Edition) (Pearson Series in Economics) by Michael Parkin ISBN: 9780132994842 List Price: $297.60
Marketing Research by Burns, Alvin C., Bush, Rona... ISBN: 9780133074673
Principles of Financial Accounting (Chapters 1-17) by John Wild, Ken Shaw, Barbar... ISBN: 9780077525262 List Price: $235.59
Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business (3rd Edition) by Steve Mariotti, Caroline Gl... ISBN: 9780132784085 List Price: $194.80
Fundamental Accounting Principles by John Wild, Ken Shaw, Barbar... ISBN: 9780078025587
The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It's Not About the Money...It's About Being the Best You ... by Gary Keller, Gary Keller, ... ISBN: 9780071444040 List Price: $24.00
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management by John Mangan, Chandra Lalwan... ISBN: 9781119998846
Modern Real Estate Practice by Galaty, Fillmore, Allaway, ... ISBN: 9781427787903 List Price: $52.83
Horngren's Accounting (10th Edition) by Tracie L. Nobles, Brenda L.... ISBN: 9780133117417 List Price: $289.40
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