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We have books about buying and selling homes, not to mention commercial aspects of properties and mortgages too. Whatever area you want to learn more about, you can buy cheap real estate textbooks directly from Valore Books today. It couldn't be easier to do so because we buy back real estate books from owners all the time. We've always got thousands of books in this subject area, so you can buy used real estate textbooks whenever the need arises. Look out for examples such as Millionaire Real Estate Agent; Real Estate Market Analysis: A Case Study Approach; LSTA's Complete Credit Agreement Guide; and Finance for Real Estate Development. You can always find the affordable books you really need here: there is no need to pay more when we have the deals that will suit your pocket. Make sure you don't struggle on whatever budget you have when there is no need to.

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Essentials of Real Estate Finance, 12th Edition by Sirota, David, Barrell, Doris ISBN: 9781427785930 List Price: $51.65
How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate by Davis, Darryl ISBN: 9780071385206 List Price: $24.95
Home Buying For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback)) by Eric Tyson, Ray Brown ISBN: 9780764553318 List Price: $21.99
California Real Estate License Preparation by Pivar, William H., McKenzie... ISBN: 9780324560602 List Price: $41.95
Real Estate Math: What You Need to Know by George Gaines, David Colema... ISBN: 9780793168262 List Price: $36.18
Trump Think Like A Billionaire Everything You Need To Know About Success, Real Estate, And ... by Trump, Donald J., McIver, M... ISBN: 9780345481405 List Price: $7.99
Texas Real Estate Exam Prep The Smart Guide to Passing by Combs, Kenneth ISBN: 9780324642223 List Price: $19.95
Real Estate Accounting and Taxation by Mahoney, John F. ISBN: 9781934269268 List Price: $25.95
Up and Running in 30 Days by Cross, Carla ISBN: 9781427758095
Home Buying For Dummies by Tyson, Eric, Brown, Ray, Tyson ISBN: 9780470453650 List Price: $21.99
The Ultimate Landlord Handbook by Lederer, William A. ISBN: 9780470323151 List Price: $19.95
Mortgage Originator Success Kit by Seppinni, Darrin J. ISBN: 9780071464819 List Price: $39.95
Who Says You Can't Buy a Home! by Reed, David ISBN: 9780814473405 List Price: $17.95
Complete Idiot's Guide to Success As a Mortgage Broker by Kahn, Daniel S., Edelman Bo... ISBN: 9781592575107 List Price: $19.95
Total Facilities Management by Atkin, Brian, Brooks, Adria... ISBN: 9781405186599 List Price: $79.99
Building Information Modeling: A Strategic Implementation Guide for Architects, Engineers, C... by Smith, Dana K., Tardif, Mic... ISBN: 9780470250037 List Price: $75.00
Real Estate Valuation Theory by Wang, Ko, Wolverton, Marvin L. ISBN: 9780792376637 List Price: $206.00
Big Book of Real Estate Ads 1001 Ads That Sell by Pivar, William H., Pivar, B... ISBN: 9780793176656 List Price: $42.80
Florida Real Estate Exam Manual: For Sales Associates and Brokers, 33rd Edition by Crawford, Linda ISBN: 9781427789228 List Price: $25.23
Property Valuation by Scarrett, Douglas ISBN: 9780415423267
How to List and Sell Real Estate: 30th Anniversary Edition (with CD-ROM) by Kennedy, Danielle, Jamison,... ISBN: 9780538798297 List Price: $29.95
Nevada Real Estate Exam Preparation Guide by Thomson, Neil ISBN: 9780324649482 List Price: $19.95
Real Estate Field Manual An Official Selling Guide by Nash-Price, Barbara ISBN: 9780324654080 List Price: $37.95
Modern Real Estate Practice in New York For Salespersons And Brokers by Lank, Edith ISBN: 9780793167869 List Price: $48.38
Professional Real Estate Problem Solving Using the HP 12C by Tirone, John A. ISBN: 9780962423642 List Price: $28.95
Florida Real Estate Preparation Guide The Smart Guide to Passing by Thomson South-Western ISBN: 9780324641967 List Price: $21.95
Be a Successful Property Manager by Woodson, R. Dodge ISBN: 9780071473613 List Price: $29.95
Arizona Real Estate Preparation Guide by Thomson, Neil ISBN: 9780324642001 List Price: $19.95
Introducing Property Valuation by Michael Blackledge ISBN: 9780415434768 List Price: $185.00
Redeveloping Brownfields Landscape Architects, Planners, Developers by Russ, Thomas ISBN: 9780071353113 List Price: $79.95
Property Management by Arlette Lyons, & William Pi... ISBN: 9780916772345 List Price: $64.95
Commercial Real Estate Leases Preparation, Negotiation, and Forms by Senn, Mark A. ISBN: 9780735561953 List Price: $390.00
Mastering Real Estate Mathematics by Tamper, Ralph ISBN: 9780793111428 List Price: $26.95
California Real Estate Principles 10th Edition by Sherry Shindler Price ISBN: 9780934772228
Reverse Mortgages for Dummies by Lucas, John E., Lyons, Sara... ISBN: 9780764584466 List Price: $16.99
Manufactured Sites Rethinking the Post-Industrial Landscape by Kirkwood, Niall G. ISBN: 9780415243650 List Price: $96.95
Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home by Stewart, Marcia, Schroeder,... ISBN: 9781413313222 List Price: $24.99
Real Estate Transactions Cases and Materials on Land Transfer, Development and Finance by Goldstein, Paul, Korngold, ... ISBN: 9781566620642 List Price: $46.95
Florida Real Estate Exam Manual by Linda L. Crawford, George G... ISBN: 9780793196210 List Price: $24.98
Florida Real Estate Broker's Guide by Crawford, Linda ISBN: 9781419522963 List Price: $81.00
2,001 Winning Ads for Real Estate by Steve Kennedy, Deborah Johnson ISBN: 9781887145046 List Price: $29.95
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